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How is everyone doing?

I have the worst cold I've had in ten years.   That's what I get for shopping at Walmart last week.
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Sorry you are feeling so bad.  Hey, shopping is supposed to be 'therapy' and make you feel better, not make you sick!

Get better soon!


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Here in Southern California, there are flu, cold and intestinal viruses are flying around. Hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer these days. Tis the season!
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Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. My aversion to big box stores has a healthy attribute as well, it seems

I am doing quite well! Energy is back, learning to take some pain and discomfort as a sign of being still alive instead of blaming everything on Hep C and treatment. Growing older ***** but it beats the alternative

Feel better my friend!

~ Linda
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Hey I hope your cold went away!
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Hey there I just read your status, you are having heart surgery on Monday?
We will all pray for you!! So sorry, I am having trouble with the new forum.  Kinda of locked out
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