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Interferon and work

Hi:  The doctor who advised me to try interferon therapy (again) said that of course I could still go to work and do all of the necessary things in life while on treatment.  My prior experience tells me otherwise.  Perhaps my attitude needs adjustment.  Do most people continue their 9 to 5 routine etc....?  Most of us have no choice but to trudge on sick or not.
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Welllllll, not in my case and many others here, but some do okay. 48 weeks?  In nearly a year here, and my own tx, keeping up normal routine through out tx isn't so easy. Depends what you do for work also, physical, long days, etc. If it hit you hard your 1st try, I'd imagine it may again. Many of us had/have to rearrange things, put aside things and take it easy.  
  Just read your profile, sorry to see your husband is ill also, a lot on your plates.
If you did the interferon yrs. ago, I'll assume it was monotherapy? No Ribavirin?
Perhaps why you didn't clear. As the timing is so bad for you, have you ever had a biopsy as per the Dr. advising tx now? I wish I could say "oh yes, you can live normal on tx', but I can't :(

  Best to you and your husband, LL
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I've been doing this and its been a terrible debacle. Some seem to cruise through it. In my situation I was already on the bad list of someone who became the head honcho but was able to battle by simply doing a stellar job. Now that I am ill I eventually told them I needed some reduced hours and unfortunately they are working on pushing me out the door. And the insurance includes long term disability. One of the problems is the lack of support and vagueness of the doctors about this issue. Even if you have good insurance you have to risk that if they require documentation the doctor may not back you up in a definitive way.

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I am so sorry about what is being done to you.  I find it a very unsympathetic world out there when it comes to having Hep C.  At first I was open about my diagnosis but now wish I had not mentioned it to anyone who does not have to know.  I don't even have a job yet but for other bad circumstances I have to figure out some way to help with the finances now (husband has become very ill).  I'm hoping that something will happen to help you through this.  Thank you so much for sharing with me.
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I'm in week 68 of 72 and haven't been able to work since starting treatment.

When my gastro told me he recommended I start TX I asked if he would give me medical back-up if the SX were too much and he said yes.  If he had hemmed and hawed about it, i would not have started treatment.  And when i needed documentation for FLMA and income DB claim he (or rather his office manager) provided all the proof required.

But I wanted complete assurance from him beforehand and it's a [email protected] good thing I did coz tx knocked me on my a$$..
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Ah, the sweet sound of that, "week 68 of 72."  

Like you, I made sure my docs would back me on disability claims as needed and they have really come through.  Like you, I 've been unable to work, struggled for 9 weeks but had to give it up.
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I don't feel like such a wimp now thanks to you!  I saw some other posts about ones' in tx and setting the world on fire , taking on extra work etc...and thought I was just being weak.  Thank you again for your responses!
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Do not think your a wimp! I joke about being a tx woosy, only 24 weeks, etc. but it kicked my 'used to be' bad' a*s! I am pretty tough, thought I could 'handle it', well you can't 'tough out' dropping Hgb, low wbc's ,these sides! Grown tough macho men cry on these drugs :) 'Weak' does not apply here at all. Tx hits us all different, if it's hitting you hard, you whine, cry, vent or do what you need to. we'll never call you a wimp :)

Hang in there, LL
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I was carpenter for 30 years,and I guarantee you I would not be able to do my job while on this treament,now I no why the doc said I should take a leave of absence,thank God I was retired.
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