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Just wanted to report how I am feeling now that I am done with treatment

For the last month or so I was having numbness on the top of my left foot.  Now that I stopped taking meds, my legs and feet are swelling, feeling like I am retaining water.   And the gout I suffered from years ago, seems to be inflamed on that same left foot.    I have also been constipated since Thanksgiving.  I am still drinking water, but I dunno.....     Other than that , a few headaches here and there.   Been religiously putting the Eucerin where the rash was, and the dryness from that is clearing up, but can see scaring on my backside where I had the rash and on my tummy area.    Skin seems to be rehydrating some.  Doesn't seem so dry.   I am trying to get some cleaning done around here today. but as ususal have to take breaks from it now and again.  Hopefully that too will pass soon.   I really need to get this place cleaned up.  hope everyone has a great weekend.
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I hired someone to clean my home when I retired 33 weeks into 51 weeks of tx. It was a HUGE help and made me feel so much better. At age 65 and on tx I did not feel like cleaning it myself. Now I do it in stages. Of course, I feel much better now, 11 weeks post tx. Maybe a friend or relative can help you tackle it. I helped my son clean his condo before his wife and baby came home. It really went fast with 2 working on it at the same time and we motivated each other. The next weekend I helped him clean out his garage. Both times I took a car load of stuff away to the Salvation Army. I think  he had saved every book he bought during 9 years of college.      
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Sorry to hear you're not feeling so great, but your body went through alot for a long time and it will probably take time until you feel like yourself.

You have a nice weekend too.
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Thats probably not a bad idea to hire someone , but there is so much junk everywhere.. I swear I do not know where it all comes from, and why it never seems to make it back to that place , that it did come from.   A couple of my friends said they would come help, just let them know.. but it never seems to work out.  So I just do one room at a time.     Today I tackled the soot that is all over the fireplace tile from last year, when we forgot to open the floom on the fireplace.     Will finish up putting out decorations this evening, and maybe put ornaments on the tree tomorrow while watching the football games.      I went to the store and got a couple of things, but was feeling so dizzy I had to leave.   I still look pale as can be.     I think I will go get a CBC next week, just to see if my levels are increasing or not..     And need to get in to see the doctor .. I found some water pills, so I took one of those today, and lets see if that helps.    I have not gained any weight yet, and seems I am not losing, so hopefully I can maintain this.  I am just scared that if I start retaining water again, I am going to blow up..  Just like I did after treatment 14 years ago.     But I am eating small portions, but I feel hungry even after I eat.  But I do not want to overeat, so I go to bed hungry.      


I am sure that things will start returning to normal, slowly but surely.   Hair is coming in, and doesn't seem to be falling out anymore.    Mostly gray though.. so gonna have to color it I think..    I picked up some exlax while out, which was main reason for going, and hopefully with take care of my other problem.   LOL     Maybe need another colon cleanse, then a liver cleanse would help me get my body back to healthy..  Well going to go work on some other tasks in the family room.. alittle at a time..
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I know what you mean about junk accumulating.  I went through my stuff and threw out some and sold some at yard sale and gave some to Salvation Army.  About 10 min. ago, I threw out a bunch of old spices from my spice cabinet.  It's weird how you end up with stuff.  

I also know what you mean about things not moving through the colon like they should.  I've been bothered with that alot during my adult life.  It basically got worse after having abdominal surgeries.  I had 3 different ones-female type-one of which was to get rid of adhesions.  Some of those adhesions where having my colon and bladder 'adhesioned' to the adhesions.  Anyway, that may be too much detail.  Sometimes I'm not sure whether I'm feeling bad from the colon thing, or if it's from the Hep C.  It's hard to say...    I'm grateful for those periods of time when I can feel not so bad and I'm able to do some things.   I hope you feel better soon.

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I wish you well. Sounds like your on your way.
The best to you always.SVR!
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As George Carlin says, Ya end up having to get more room to put your junk in so you can get more junk.  *LOL*

I'm doing the same thing, tossing, donating and thinking a lot about tossing and donating.  :)

Dperry, at least you're DONE!  I can't wait to say that and be UND to boot.  


"I'm grateful for those periods of time when I can feel not so bad and I'm able to do some things."

That's how I feel, too.

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