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Life after tx

I finished my tx a year ago this past March. I did the older kind of SOC for almost a year, before they started the triple therapy. A year ago I would have said that it was horrible, and if I could go back I'd not do it until my liver was much more damaged because I was beginning to think I had permanent brain damage. My energy level was very low, couldn't focus on anything or remember anything either. I didn't think I'd ever be my normal self again. I'm glad to be able to say now that I'm very glad I did the tx even though I feel like I lost over a year and a half of my life. Mentally, I'm back to normal, physically, I don't have the endurance I used to have, but I am also 2 1/2 years older than I was at the beginning and I don't know what normal aging is like for a 57 year old woman. But I DO know that my liver is healthy, and I don't have a future of looking forward to my liver getting worse and worse.  
For those who are in the last stages of tx... hang in there. You won't feel great right after finishing, but each day will be a tad better than the day before. All of the sx of the Riba were gone by the second week, and the body aches were gone a month or two after finishing... except for the times I tried to do way too much... then I'd hurt for hours. The ears ringing stopped about the same time. It was the mental effects that held on the longest and made it hard to work. They are gone now too.

Just wanted you to know that things will get better so don't give up hope.
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Thank you so much for the post, I am close to 6 months post tx and you post gives me hope, I am having focus, concentration problems.  It gets better all the time, I have re found my words now.
I am so happy to hear a good story
Thank you for sharing
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hi diane....its great your doing better...i waited for the triple...short and tough..i've almost forgot about the ear ringing...it took me a couple months to beat that!..my ears rang all the time...i wonder if you drank lots of water post tx...i just wasn't good that way...got so sick of the constant water during tx...my aches are a lot better now 8 months post tx...pam on the forum said that even 2 years post tx she still needs to drink lots of water to have good energy...i still forget names and stuff but it seems to be getting better...i'm real glad to look forward in life without hep...my muscles are getting stronger post tx thats cool at 60 years old...good luck and thanks for posting....billy
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Thanks for writing to remind everyone that it takes time to recoup.
Congrats on feeling better and especially on having a healthy liver.
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Thanks for sharing.  I feel really great most days amost 4 months post, but then sometimes I wonder what is going when I feel weird, cant focus talk right, etc.   Is that just me getting older or.....  But I keep hearing it just keeps getting better.  and it really does.
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I stopped in January? February? I don't recall but my memory wasn't great before treatment.

I felt like 10 lbs of p00p in a 5 lb bag for the entire time.  Happy to say I feel back to normal and it didn't take all that long.  A couple of months. :)
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