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Music - do you love it?

Music surely saved my life.  When I was a teenager and suffering all the problems of that age, I found drugs,  and life became very dark.  Many people retire to that place in our minds where hope is lost; some make it back out and some do not.

I found music; I would lie on the floor with my ear next to the speaker and play the slow movement of the Beethoven emperor concerto.  The music was sad, but it touched my heart and I was no longer alone.    That same music eased the pain of TX for me.  It calmed me down and helped me deal with the problems of the real world while I was working.

I love music of almost all genres.  Perhaps not elevator music and pop music that sounds as if it was designed by the people that design ugly cars specked out by a marketing survey.  If it comes from the heart, I love it; be it the cerebral  notes of a Bach cello sweet -- almost mathematical in form; the passion of a choral and, at the opposite end, the pounding beat  of rock and reggae -- music that stirs a different kind of passion.

So  -- what kind of music do you like?
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Funny, I have just been swapping couplets from the Grateful Dead tune, Box of Rain, with another forum member.  I was just thanking him for reminding me of music that I love.  I like so many kinds - if I had to pick only one it would be touch, but I guess folk music is one I'd hate to be without.
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My taste of music have varied so much throughout the years but lately I really enjoy jazz and any other music that is soothing.   I use to really enjoy blues back when I was drinking, but I find it hard to listen to it sober.
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  It’s hard for me to say because I like almost all forms of music. I never really cared much for Rap or Pop.

“The music was sad, but it touched my heart and I was no longer alone.”

While I was txing, I would listen only to dark music. It seemed to be the only thing I could relate to. I watched The Wallflowers “One Headlight” over and over on youtube.
I was like a little kid with my first album. I played it so much I had to stack coins above the needle to keep it from skipping.
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The things we listened to as teens was so DARK, no wonder it was hard to grow up.  I listened to Joni Mitchell obsessively.  I like everything but must confess I don't like straight country (bluegrass is great) or experimental jazz. I'm listening to a lot of NIN, Bush, Dropkick Murpheys, loud angry stuff, the louder the better.

I like Mozart as much as Beethoven (the chorale from the 9th will always be my favorite).  Oddly, it's hard to keep my attention on the beautiful, calming stuff.  Guess that says something about my INF side effect, agitation!  :)
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On tx half the time it was older stuff - It's A Beautiful Day, Hot Tuna, Grateful Dead - and the other half of the time it was 'newer', thrashier stuff - Foo Fighters, RHCP, Offspring, Nirvana.
Nowadays it's anything from the heart.
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I love all kinds of music from world, jazz, classical, rock, soul, R&B, hiphop, but cannot listen to country music. (sorry if I am offending anyone)

I grew up listening to everything and started studying music, too. The strange thing that it mostly annoyed me during tx. Just shows how unpredictable tx is.

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I love almost all music. I like a lot of old hippie music and just about anything that is unique. Jazz is good and I like it but I do not listen to it a lot.

Some favorites are Spirit, Traffic, Al Kooper (BS&T and Super Session), Dylan, Allman Brothers, John Hyatt, Grateful Dead, Warren Zevon, Jeff Beck, Keb Mo.

Allman Brothers, Marshal Tucker and Niel Young are about as "country" as I get into, though I do like bluegrass.

I have always loved classical music. Barber's Adagio has soothed me. My childhood favorites were Dvorak, Rimskey-Korsakov, Beethoven, Mozart. I guess a live performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony is close to the most amazing music ever.

During time on the TP list and TX, I listened to Arlo Guthrie and Allman Brothers for some strange reason ... ??
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I grew up in the late fortys, 50s 60s to present and I still get a magic feeling everytime I hear Stevie Wonder, the old young Elvis, Fats just to name a few but I love how music continuously evolves-Rap?No. Country?    Sorry-everything rhymes bad.  Now Hank Williams Sr could make me Hear That Lonesome Whipperwill-Willie Nelson I like but my passion is Andrea Bocelli -the three tenors-The Irish tenors-Oueen and ol Pink Floyd-oh, a little Sting-No, I'm not Gay-(not that thers anything wrong with that)...I'm a fisherman and when I go out or come in I blast the Harbor like The choppers did in that movie Apocalypse Now-Love it!  Can't imagine life without music.  It would be like a life without smiles, hugs and tears
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since I play guitar ,bass ,slide ,{alittle keyboards} Im partial to good  guitarists , al demiola , jeff beck , early rick derringer { w white trash ,live at the apollo}  johnny winter , lowell george , keb mo , doyle dykes ,tuck andress  ,zappa                  , any good fretless bass player ,and the best guitarist in the world   tommy emmanual !   many people never heard of  TE ,but eric clapton was quoted as saying { on the record },he is the best guitar player out there .    Ive been playing since 8 yrs old ,and after watching tommy play ,I wanted to chuck my fiddle out the window  .as a child I remember being enthrawled by  marching music my grandmother played . music has helped me thru the worst of my tx , and I just found out my daughter has a natural talent for  playing also ,          I will never forget ,I asked someone [one time } what kinda music do you like ? they said "I dont like music "   I felt bad for them  
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When i`ve got the white album in christmas present I was crying because it was so good.
I also like all music  that comes from the heart from punk to opera and yes Beethoven is the greatest for me.

I have a paychanell its called viasat golf and see the pga tour every week directly on that and the music they are playing there is the most aweful music I ever heard its not music its disharmonic noice i have to shut the sound of everytime I here it I thought golf was a sport from heaven but this guys mixe it with something from hell.

If you have seen the pga tour you know what I´m talking about or is it just in Sweden we hear this!!??

Its everytime its not in direct broadcast they put this music on I think its mashine music.


Ps I also like country music like Dolly Partons Jolene and much more ot hat kind???
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Growing up I remember 1971-1972 vividly- (those were my crazy insane years)
I listened to Hendrix, Joplin, Santana, Malo, Traffic, Crosby, Stills Nash & Young,
Beatles of course, Jethro Tull, Marvin gaye, Tammi Terrell, lots of Stevie Wonder, Allman Brothers, I can go on and on. It really doesnt stop.

I still listen to the music of he past...I also LOVE Cousteau with a passion.
Love Bocelli, lots of Yanni's orchestration,

Still crazy after all these years........I love it all EXCEPT FOR RAP!!
When I hear it from someone else's car radio and my car starts to shake from the loudness of the music if thats what you want to call it. I call it !#$%^&*!!!!
I want to bang my head against the wall only thing thats worse is TX!!
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And Benise!! hoe can I forget Benise!

Have a good day everyone!
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add a C to Rap and that sums it up for me.  Anyone remember Roy Head?  I went to school with Steve Bilao Tyrell-B.J. Thomas is a hepper-met him thru Steve before his first hit Garner State Park in the sixtys when every other kid had a garage band hoping to make it big.  Those were the days-attic fans, crystal radios and Sillhouettes on the Shades!  Sweet long summer nights.  I think the first druggy album I ever heard was by the Bananas-something God*** the Pushin Man.  Ahh Sonny and Cher-man, those were the days...He's a Rebel, Johnny Angel, Brenda Lee, I'm Sorry, Leader of the pack and Tiny Tim!  Just kidding!  Remember Wolf Man Jack?  Gawd life was so simple and sweet!
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Public television recently broadcast a Blind Faith reunion concert with Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood - two of my favorites.  I love the Roy Orbison Black and White NIght concert also - so many brilliant talents on that one!

How can anybody not like music?  That is so sad.
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I tried to post some youtube links to some good music and get a message they were deleted due to copyright claims.  I have mixed feeling about that.

In some sense, music should be free, but I understand that people have to make money and pay bills.
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Copyright also protects ownership. Even if it's okay for you to listen to it free doesn't mean it's okay for Chrysler or Apple to take it for free and use it to promote their products . . .

Anyway . . .

Brahms. Anytime. I listened to my records of the symphanies when I was a teen. The Angel recordings, I think conducted by Klemperer. Beautiful soaring yearning and dramatic, full of angst oh how I loved them. Still do. Plus I later discovered his piano concerto played by Stephen Hough. Oh soo good.

I also listened to Prokofiev then. The music he wrote to go with the film Alexander Nevsky. Lovely heavy Russian stuff. Definitely dark. Loved the swelling choruses. May have to find a copy of that again now that I think of it. I also loved his Winter Dreams symphony, which was his first. I do have that somewhere on CD or in my iTunes. I think.

My mother would listen to the third act of Tosca over and over again  (no, I wasn't the only one with angst in my life at that time). It was the act where Maria realizes how Scarpia has played her and she jumps to her death. Many years later I bought a copy of Tosca but it was the *wrong* Tosca! After some searching I discovered that Leontyne Price was the Tosca of my adolescence and I found a CD of her performance and it was just perfect.

Yes, I love music. I'm not good at pop music, but I love all the rest from rock to jazz to koto.
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jd ---- omg -- one of my all time favorite songs -- Box of Rain  ------- someday let me tell you a little secret..............

I always thought if I was ever marooned on a desert island I would want tunes with me

Grateful Dead - Touch of Gray (there are many other favorites)
Bob Dylan -- Just Like  Woman
Stones -- Can't remember the name but it is a musical interlude on the album with Brown Sugar and Wild Horses

dsrt - Hot Tuna - brings back memories .  For awhile I lived about 3 blocks from the Airplane House.   Have you heard Yorma's latest album (cd)?  terrific.

Ahh the good old days at Filmore West

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What is Cyndi Lauper doing with a spider on her head?
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When I came out of ICU after my transplant, I was flooded with memories from childhood and started singing up a storm. I sang little kids songs, camp songs, songs from bar mitzphas and weddings, Motown songs etc, etc.
  Even in ICU I heard music in my head all the time.

I think music is connected to the rhythm of our heart beat.

I'm a painter who loves visual art but aural art touches everybody.
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Just the sound of wind blowing thru a weeping willow is music to my soul, or a babbling creek, far off thunder, leaves blowing down the street.  Yes, Music is all around us and in our blood.
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I find myself enjoying listening to the "oldies" of the 70's...  WOW, I never in a million years would have thought of myself saying that the 70's music was the oldies, but it is now considered that to the younger generation.  I am dating myself for sure on this one!  I can't help it, I just like the music from back then better than, the stuff that's come out in the past 10 years!  I love the Eagle's, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, Aerosmith, Boston, Kansas, ..... and even some of the pop from back then.  Interestingly enough, alot of these groups are STILL touring as 'old' rockers and getting a huge turnout at the venues, too.  As a Christian now, though, I also enjoy listening to contemporary Christian music as well- which can have just as much of a rock music style, but with Christian lyrics.  I like some classical when I'm in the right mood for it.  I hate easy listening/elevator music with a passion!  I'm also not too fond of bluegrass music.  There's very little hip/hop or rap that I like either, but I have on a rare occasion heard one of them that appealed to me when I was in spin class and they had it on in there.  Take care.  Susan400
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I find Contemporary Christian Music appealing as well.  Up-lifting and fresh-hopeful I guess is the word I'm looking for.
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I saw him live in Greenwich Village before he was famous.

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It's funny how music brings up a memory; it's not like remembering it from a distance; it's more like re-living the experience.
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