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Not a question - just information

I will be sporadic on the Forum for a while.  My husband was diagnosed with cancer (Esophagus base by stomach) kFriday.  He has been referred to Mayo and we are in the process of driving back and forth every day, for tests, etc., prior to surgery and or treatment.  The drive to Mayo is approximately 2 hours each way, and, needless to say, I am doing the driving. It all makes for a long day, but, we pray, well worth it.

Just wanted to let everyone know why I am not around, when I am missing for days at a time.  I will be in and out, while waiting.  If they do chemo & radiation (proposed as a first step) we have to make arrangements to just stay in Ajax Mon - Fri for 5 weeks, not so much driving time. : -)

Hope all goes well for him and to be back regularly in the not too distant future (and with a cured Hubby).

Blessings to all.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers every day.

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Dear Pat, I am so very very sorry to hear.  I really appreciate you sharing with us.  I know I worry when I don't see a regular here.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.  Don't forget to take care of yourself while taking care of him.  I made that mistake when my hubby was in the hospital and his was just 5 days.  I forgot my meds, forgot to eat, well I had some chocolate pudding :)
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Take it easy Pat.  Sorry to hear this.   We will keep you in our thoughts and wish you and your husband the very best outcome.
Hope you can come back soon.
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I am so sorry that your husband and you are going through this. I am sending warm thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. Cancer treatment has progressed so much in the last few years
Bring some nuts and fruit and lots of water for the long drive
All the best

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Thanks all!  Right now, I really appreciate the positive thoughts.  The news is worse than we had thought.  But he starts Treatment Monday.  I am so grateful to be SVR and gaining stamina, strength and energy to be able to support him as he supported me thru the Hep C.  Also, coming back here constantly reminds me th keep the faith and that miracles happen everyday in Eric various forms - meds, other treatments, and that a positive attitude is the best medicine.  Yes, Ca treatment has progressed recently, just like Hep C's newer meds, etc., for which we are grateful.  Thanks, again, for the support.  

P. S.  All who said it are right.  This new format really is awful!  I can see that being able to respond to a particular question, might be nice, however....  Ugh!
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Just like the HCV Forum helped us so too are there Cancer Forums online that can really help. I just mean there is so much information out there that its not always easy to shift thru it. Plus you still need support even though this is happening to your significant other.
Best of Luck♥
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I am praying for you and your husband, thank you for letting us know.  We will be more than happy to hear from you anytime and would like to know how you and hubby are doing
Take Care
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Thanks Idyllic @ Dee.  Last week was busy - 5 days old radiation to try to reduce the actual tumor, a liver biopsy to see the extent and if the Ca contains the HER 2 gene seen in breast Ca so can add to the cocktail in the up coming chemo tx (starts Dec 3rd - a year and 2 days after my last Sol/RIBA pills!).

iD:  Thanks for the site info.  I looked at it early on.  guess I need to check it again, now that we know more about his specific diagnosis and tx.

I'll check back again in the coming weeks.  I do try to read the Communities while I wait for him through his Treatments.

P. S.  Anyone going to Mayo is in for a blessing - those people are something BUT take a heavy jacket and scarf if you are going to have to wait for any length of time.  : -)


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Hey Pat, great to hear from you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband during this awful time for you both
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Thanks, Dee.  It really helps me stay positive, which helps him.  Eden when I am not posting my thoughts are with you all.  Hope you and hubby are doing better now!  Pat
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Dear Pat, thank you so much!  Yes we are much improved.  While it has taken forever and then some; I am having my third good day since the surgery
The doctor said it would be 12 weeks and I am at 11 weeks post surgery.  Thank you for your kind words. My hubby is also doing well
Thinking of you, Dee
So glad things are better for y'all!  We are trying! Blessings, Pat
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Best of luck for your husband. I've had several friends with cancer and all are cured, including my brother. Never give up and know that in todays medicine, there a great chance of curing...
Thanks, Magnum!  The more good news like that that I hear, the easier it is to be positive.  I keep on keeping on and, for the most part so does he.  If he could just get over this nausea since the repudiation so he could eat better, it would make a world of difference.
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Dear Pat.  I have been absent from Medhelp for a few weeks and just saw this post.  I'm am so very sorry to hear this news and just want you to know that I am here for you.  Don't know if you know this but I live 20 mins away from you.  Also, I'm a 2X cancer survivor and am very familiar with treatment and esophageal cancer.
Did my Hep C treatment at Mayo in Jax, but went to Moffitt for my cancer treatment.  I would be happy to talk to you and support you thru this journey.
When I was going thru my situation I had a great support team and it really helped to get thru everything.  Please private message me if you would like my phone #.  I am not currently working and could help if you need some company at Mayo, or even a ride.  Whatever I can do.  My kids live in Jax so I'm typically there every other week.  It's times like this when you need a friend, if only just to talk to.
There is a great website called "Inspire" and they are an online support group similar to Medhelp but geared more for cancer.  I've been going on there for over 10 years and they provide friendship and knowledge.  They have an Esophogeal cancer site which will help you to share feelings and treatment with others going thru the same thing.  I truly value all that I've learned thru my own situation and know they will help you too.
Please let me know how I can help you.  Cancer is a scary diagnosis and can be managed with the new treatments.  I would be more then happy to share my friendship, time, and knowledge.
Please let me know and again I'm so very sorry.
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Can you request me as a friend?     I tried to add you but not sure how to do it now.
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Kim, thank you so much for the reach out!  We are with my family in SC for Thanksgiving, but we are planning to be home Sunday night.  I will PM you then for your phone #.  Also I will try to Friend you, too. If my husband doesn't want to go to the Inspire site, I most certainly will.

Again, Thanks and as usual, Blessings.


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Answered, Kim, submitted it, and it disappeared!  So requested adding as a Friend on your site and will PM you on Sunday night or Monday all I said before.  

Thank you so much for the offer - I love it and we'll talk.

Again, thanks, and, as usual, Blessings.

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Kim, My husband was so impressed with your offer of help & caring.  He wants me to forward a copy of your post to him.  Is that okay with you?

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Absolutely Pat.   Received your friend request. I am absolutely not computer savvy but please respond back and I will shoot you my phone #.
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Well, it is over.  my husband died in my arms on December 11th.  His health had declined so much, so rapidly it didn't seem possible.

The Doctors at Mayo and our family doctor were all so wonderful with and to him, and to me.  Everything that could be done was.  It was all just too late.  What amazed us and them is his lack of symptoms until the end of August.

As sad as I am, I am so grateful that he is no longer suffering.  He was a dedicated Christian, and prepared for whatever came, which gave me some comfort.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support.  

Blessings in the coming new year.

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Dear Pat, so sorry to read this. Wonderful you were there with him at the end. Take comfort in that he was prepared for what was ahead.

Blessungs to you too.

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Pat.  I am so very very sad.   Just reading this for the first time and can't comprehend what you must be going thru.
Please know that I am here for you in anyway possible.  So happy I was able to talk to you and your husband on the phone.  My heart breaks for you my friend.
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Thanks, Kim.  We both derived much comfort from talking with you.  I have been wanting to call and thank you, but talking about it and him makes me cry, so I have been waiting.  

I am keeping busy with the everyday things that must be done in such circumstances and with just general living.  So far, I have coped pretty well, except for New Year's Day.  For some reason I could not do anything but cry, however, mostly, I am bearing up pretty well.  my husband always told me - and others, that one of the easons he married me is that I was a strong, independent woman, and I am truly trying to live up to that.

Enough depressed talk, I need that thread that Ekkiemom started some time ago, with with, humor, etc.  I don't do well as 'Sad Sack' (anyone old enough to remember him?). : -)

Blessings, all.

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Kinda been MIA but you are never far from my thoughts.  
Will be in touch if that's Ok
Yes, I'd like that.  Pat
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