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Ok, there was a post encouraging Americans to vote. Any thoughts on the results?

I have been out of work for a while now because of the hep c and tx, so I have spent quite a bit of time watching the progress of the elections in the USA.  It was so heartwarming to see the positive reactions to the elections from so many parts of the world.  However, I do know our media can be biased, and I'm sure there were some very negative responses in the world, but I found it a moving event.  He is only a man and I hope he can hold on to his ideals for American and our children but, as we all know "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
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The last few political discussions on this forum have caused much distress, so you might not get many responses.

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It's kind of like tx to me, I remain hopeful, but no guarantees.  
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I dont know much about American politic but I happened to see a part of a program about Obama in the Swedish tv and he made a very sensuous speech some years ago to a large crowd even I got touched by it.

Then a guy in his stab said it was a standard speech he had hold that exact same speech several times before in small crowds, he made it sound as it was the first time though.

Dont like that, dont trust guys whos that good in pretending just my ignorant point of veiw .

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I wouldn't say that you didn't know much about American politics. You summarized it pretty well.
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Marcia, thanks for the advice.  I guess I must have been too tired to be on the forum and missed the controversy.  ca, sorry I missed your comments as FIGuy seems to think you made some very good points.

OK, back to tx--last week was great and this week I'm a bear.  I should know better than to discuss politics or religion!!!!
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Discussing religion and politics is actually good for you.  It's like hitting your finger with a hammer, feels better when you stop.
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I guess you mean before your about to discuss politics or religion hit your finger with a hammer.
That will turn your finger into the double size, and no one will miss your point.

Since first fase in a discussion is about pointing your finger towards your antagonists and later on its more giving the finger, nevertheless the hammer aproach  will work  fine in both cases.

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I think you understand a lot more about America than the politics!  lol!  
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Ok, ok. The best result of any presidential election is that we get a 6 month break from the campaigning!  ;-)
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You two hit the nail on the head with the hammer!!!!
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It was a lovely speech and anyone who was not moved by it wasn't watching the same thing as me.  This man could make millions of dollars in the real world (his wife is no slouch either), knows that people will most likely attempt to take his life (and his children and wife) and that he comes to office at one of the worst times we've ever seen - yet he places the burden of the world on his shoulders in an attempt to serve us and our country.

Whether you voted for him or not - there can be no mistaking that he has undertaken the hardest job in the world and we should ALL wish him absolute success.

Anything other than that is absolutely ridiculous.
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Its a very exciting time to be alive.  At last I have hope for the future.  I'm thrilled that so many Americans turned out to cast a vote and that the voice of the people has been heard.

There is so much damage to be undone!  I wish us all a better tomorrow.
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To your first comment I would like to add my view BADSS Bro'.

This is my comment in general, not just referring to Obama's 2004 speech, which I also found very touching. His victory speech was one of the most sincere and touching speeches I have heard in my life. Even my 20 yr old son watched it in Indonesia and he was crying all the way through.

I don't think that 'preaching' what you believe in is to pretend, no matter how often you say it, be it a small crowd or a large.

All during all sorts of campaigns, candidates hold the same speeches over and over. Then they change it a bit or do a new one, over and over. Could you imagine having to write a new speech each time you face a new audience?


And then I also wanted to add that from where I come from, being half African American and being the only of my Dad's kids who could not vote, as I'm the only one who does not have US citizenship... I am proud of my father's country and I am proud of the decision of the American people and I feel very humbled and touched. It might be very difficult for some people to imagine how important this is for mending the past, building the future, for human kind and hopefully for peace in the world. I feel that this is our best shot for the future and that a new era has begun. Now we all have to work towards making the world a better place and stop pointing the finger at each other. It is always easy to criticize.

I also wanted to say that I definitely have great respect for McCain and for what he stands for and I was also touched by his speech. He definitely is a decent man.

I think what has been going wrong during the elections is that many of us have been listening more to the bad things the candidates had to say about each other, than to what they actually had to say about themselves. And that has created bad wrong ideas and fear of the unknown. It will take some time, like everything else in life.

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Some of you may know, others may not but my daughter adopted a bi-racial baby boy after years of failed in vitro. She's had him from infancy, he is now 1 year old.  He is my grandson. I hold him and love him and I have never viewed him as African American or Caucasian.  Just a perfect little human being with the potential to do great things in his lifetime.  That was my hope and dream for my grandson even before Obama was elected.  I see Obama as a new president for all people, regardless of ethnicity and I believe he see's himself the same way.  
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I am thrilled about the election results, however am afraid to be social about it on this social Hep C web site since it is not allowed.  Remember guys, you can only talk about Hep C crankiness, occasionally about a star that has it and NOTHING that may take your mind off of it!  
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Well, I must admit that I did not vote for the man, but now that he is our president... let's give this communist thing a try...
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> Hello there,
> This will be short since the last few have been so long (SMILE).
> I just had something that I wanted to ask you all to join me in doing, if
> you don't mind. I wanted to ask you to pray for our country.
> No matter what you think of President Elect Obama (if you're like me who
> is a supporter or if you're not) one thing I hope we can all agree upon is
> that we should cover him in prayer. He will be our leader and just as I
> have prayed for George Bush, I also know that it is important to pray for
> President Elect Obama as well.
> Even at the much smaller level that I'm on, I know first hand the
> challenges that come along with being the first. I know how hard it is to
> run a company of 300 employees. So I can't even pretend to imagine what it
> must be like to govern a country. I'm sure he and his family must have
> endured and are still going through some really tough challenges. But if
> we pray for them, they will continue to endure.
> So, today I have a simple request, and that is that we pray for our next
> President, his family, his wife and beautiful children. Pray for his
> protection and peace of mind. Pray for his strength to lead. Pray for his
> policies and his covering. Finally, pray for our great nation as he walks
> in what is no doubt his divine destiny.
> I know a lot of you are very passionate about this, but I hope that we
> could lay aside our differences long enough to realize that we are all one
> country. We have got to come together for one common goal and that is to
> unite these United States so that we can reclaim our good standing in the
> world and be strong here at home once again.
> God Bless,
> T. Perry

By the way, I don't understand (I am not a lawyer I admit my ignorance of these things) but why can't someone who is born of an American citizen (and therefore also American) no longer an American just because they don't live in the USA?
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Next Halloween I think I am going to give the children a crash course in “Spreading the Wealth.”  Instead of giving them candy I am going to take some of their candy and tell them it is for the kids that are to lazy to go Trick or Treating for themselves.
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No send it to all the lazy heppers who are just too lazy to go out and work - they need it more than they need insurance and medications!
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Funny, but could be true.  I'll bet socialized medicine would put this disease back a step or two.  Ask Canada.

I hope the skeptics (myself included) are wrong because I love this country.

Time will tell!
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I am a proud dual citizen of the United States and Canada.  There have been times here in the US when I had no health insurance because I couldn't afford Cobra.  There have been times where I stayed in dead end jobs because of insurance coverage.  My relatives in Canada ALWAYS have health insurance and it has been good to them.  The ones that work can pay extra to have insurance equal to what we have here.  But they ALL have health insurance.  My nieces has a friend with Hep C and was getting the exact treatment I got so stop being so negative!!!!!!!
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There are two black men that work for the county recycling.  The pass by my house on a weekly basis and I had no idea who the were.  Wednesday morning, I overslept having stayed up late watching the election news.

The truck had passed my house, but turned around to exit the development and I ran out with my recycle bin.  The driver stopped and laughed at me running out to catch him.

I said that I stayed up late watching the results.  He got out of the cab, walked up to me, introduced himself and shook my hand.  I thought he wanted a tip, since I put out more than my share of boxes, having just moved.  He said that he just wanted me to know his name - he certainly did not want money.

I said this was a great day for our country.  Tears came to his eyes and he said that he was so glad that this happened in his lifetime.

I too love this country.
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Great post.  In August when my daughter had her appendix out....she had no insurance. we couldn't afford for her to be a full time student in college it was too expensive or it would have been coverd under my job.

Now, the kid is 20 years old with $13,000 worth of debt built up and she doesn't even own a car.  Never even had a credit card yet. Because she was over 18 they put it in here name.  I tried to have them put it in my name and filled out all the paperwork as such but it still went on her.

If only she'd have had basic coverage of some sort she woudln't be starting out life behind the 8 ball.  I'm going to be trying to pay it off a bit every month to keep it off her credit but what if I lose my job and insurance..........she'll be 27 when it goes away.

Not fair.  

As people who pay taxes and live in America, sometimes it is very disheartening to see people who don't understand what its like to work your azz off but still be behind, to just need temporary help to live.

Everyone in the country should have the option to have basic health expenses covered and I don't care if it costs me an extra $10 (whatever just a number there) a month out of taxes from my pocket - as one who has been there I understand and I do not mind helping someone out from a hard time.

Of course there will always be those who take advantage but for those who really don't - I will take the chance and pay my share. It only seems RIGHT to do so.

If you don't think so....you'd better be careful what lesson might be coming down the road for you.  That old saying 'walk a mile in my shoes' well.....I wouldn't really want you to have to try.  You wouldn't make it.
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Rita, not negative, just realistic and skeptical.  Never have I been without insurance for I have always worked (at things I wanted to do), but I am a worker and like earning my keep.  I also like to keep what I earn.  I am a capitalist not a socialist but different strokes for different folks.

RGlass....funny comment also, if we can't laugh about things when they don't go our way we would never survive.  Laughter is the Best Medicine!!!

I say the other side needs to be less defensive (you won remember) and lighten up!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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