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Rank of doctor doing Interferon & Ribavirin IV+$

I'm an Australian in a small city in Malaysia.
The city does not have a GastroEntologist, let alone a Hepatologist.
I'm looking for input from doctors in Australia, USA and any other countries please
+ input from patients who have had to buy privately please.  

I have just had real time PCR and result is 476.  Normal is <43 iU/mL
The diagnosis is HCV subtype 3a
Rx: 6 months therapy recommended.

My research tells me Rx is expected to be
Interferon IFN Alpha 2a 3mlU
Ribivirin 1,000-2,000 mg/day (I weigh 70kg)
x 3 weekly

BUT I'm 8 hrs round trip and many $$$ petrol or bus fare etc from a Hepatologist in the capital city.
I'm trying to swing getting the injections done by a local doctor.

QUESTIONS: (Maybe answers by different people)
1)a)  In other countries, what rank of medical personnel needs to do do the injections please?
   b) Is this because of cost or another reason please?

2) Can anyone tell me the private costs of buying the above medications please?  
I've come up with VERY ROUGHLY about $A/$US 3,000 (+ another $2,500 transport)

Thank you ever so people, and particularly the doctors giving themselves so much to help patients.

Bill Oliver
Australian in Malaysia
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Wrong Forum.
Moderator pls?
This has been re-posted in the Hepatitis C forum.
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Hi Bill,
As a prior patient, I can help -a little...For a first-time treatment, you should expect 800-1000 mg of ribavirin (dose over 160 lbs/76 kg)/ day and 100 mcg of peglated interferon. The shots come in tiny needled-preloaded syringes that you can administer to yourself once/week. The average USA cost for me was about $1200/month for the meds. You may try contacting Roche as sometimes they can supply discounted or free meds, depending on your situation. ~MM
1547916 tn?1294284211
Thank you - I'll consider this thread closed but continue in the Hep C forum. Bill
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