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The Word Is . ..SVR!!!!!!!!!

Hello All My Friends. yes, my 6 month just came back I am SVR!!!! What a feeling.!!! I haven't been here in a while. My 17yr old is REALLY testing the waters!!!! I hope everyone is doing ok. I think of all of you often. You can't go through something like this and EVER forget. FLGuy and NYGirl, time to celebrate.
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Most Excellent.  I've bee waiting impatienly to hear your news.  I hope that this is the year that you turn the corner and get more pleasant things out of life.  My 17-yr old is also quite a handful and I've been doing a lot of head-scratching in response.  But great to hear the news that hcv is part of your past now.  Fully recovered now?
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Hello my friend!!! I was hoping you would be on when I posted!  I am feeling 90% better. I still have some joint pain which I think is here for the duration. I cannot say I am the old me. I do look at life quite different. Every day is a good day no matter what (even teenagers). I appreciate the simple things like walking up the stairs and still being able to breathe. How are you doing? Anything leftover from tx? I am so looking forward to the summer weather and the beach. It will truly be beautiful this year!!!!
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I feel great.  I've already had a lot of time at the beach this year, it's relaxing and theraputic. I think that one of results is a greater appreciation of things and not so quick to anger or be disturbed over things that are now trival in comparison. Getting out from under HCV is a liberating change of view.  Many long weekends coming up in the next few months, including this one.  17 y/o graduates tomorrow.  He's got the stress, not me. My stress is the tween's travel softball schedule, and heck, I just sit in a folding chair for that.
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Congratulations!!!! Oh what a feeling it must be.  I am taking my last riba pill right now...and I am on top of the world!!!  I feel invincible just for completing this tx!  

It too has been a very rough year with an 18 yr old daughter who graduates on June 12th (prom is on the 7th).  So I can really relate to you both.  I think I am more excited and nervous for her than she is (she doesn't have a care in the world).  

Once again, I am sooooo happy for you.  Time to start living and enjoying life again!

I hope to walk in your shoes and be SVR soon.  I will go for a 4 wk lab and then a 3 mos and then a 6 mos.  I am too happy about completing tx to be anything but optimistic right now!

Godspeed to all!

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Congratulations on your fantastic news! Stay well, Mike
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How sweet it is! Wish you a great SVR life! Congrats.
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Congratulations!!!!! I'm trying my best in line right now...
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Great news....svr...so happy for you !!! :)  hugs  shelly
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Congratulations on your SVR!!  Life begins anew...I wish you many good years ahead!

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Thanks for all of your warm wishes. I pray for SVR for all!
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Congrats! It's a great feeling isn't it? Hard won victories always are. And don't be so sure the joint pain is "here for the duration." The joints in my feet and ankles caused me to limp around every morning after tx was over (no problems with them pre-tx). But now nearing my 1 year post tx mark (and SVR), it's cleared up. Odds are yours will wane over time too. So best of luck in the meantime, always great to see another person cured!
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A big congratulations!!!!  It is always a great joy to hear that someone has made it!!!

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Wonderful News!  Congratulations to a Hep C free life!
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SWWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!   It seems the SVRs' are way, way up compared to relapses!  Congratulations.
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That is fantastic news!  Welcome to the SVR club.  May we all, and all who are treating now, be SVR forever!
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Congrats. I'm new but wanted to say that.It must be an AMAZING feeling ! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !Keep a close eye on your children.Once they leave home =you can't get these times back.                Tammy
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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!
I am soooo happy for you!!!!
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Fabulous news!!!  Gives inspiration to those of us in the midst of the battle.

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WONDERFUL NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Isn't this news just the most wonderful feeling in a long time.  I am so so glad for you.

Have a Great Day.

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Snoopy dance!!!! Woohoooooooooooooo!

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   Congrats !!! What else is there to say. SVR makes it all worth it.  

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Awwwww.....many good 'done with tx' and SVR post this week !

Congratulations!!!! Your ALSO done, SVR, critters dead and gone! About what....2000lbs of your back, huh?


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