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I have read that alot of you have had thyroid problems? Is this all therapy related? What are the symptoms you have experienced & what does the thyroid do exactly? Any medicinal aids given?

As you can plainly see, I know nothing about this!!
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I went hypo several times years before i.d. w/hepc.  in 1998 after a case of flu, thyroid was off took levoxyl for 6 mths. dr. took me off  i was fine, about a year or two later had the symptoms of tired dry skin lethargic just as i did in 98. Dr. checked levels. they were low end of normal i requested the medication. within 3 days i knew that was what i needed. have been on ever since. low dose

tx messes w/thyroid mine went even lower, but can make low or high can be temporary or permanent problem.  the medication is relatively inexpensive and i don't feel too put out by having to take something to balance my metabolism.

thyroid control center glandular, responsible for many things. release of hormones, control body temperature, energy cycle, heartrate,  so can affect engery level, skin, heart rate, hormones to all other organs of body. and cause sx of depression,  i learned many yrs ago and i am not very well versed. it is interesting to read more look on internet.

good luck,
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Funny you mention this, I just got diagnosed with being Hypothyroid 7 months post treatment.  I asked NP to check my levels and she called back today and said I  was definitely hypo.  My TSH was 6X what it should have been, my T4 at the last point of normal.  She is sending me to an endo doctor.....
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Me again.   The only reason I found out was because my doctor, post treatment was asking me about how I was feeling (this is the Internal medicine doctor).   I made a comment about being so tired, but said that I thought it was just the hepatitis.  Also, I was gaining weight.  This is all on post treatment, when I was on treatment, nothing was ever said about my thyroid.  Anyway, the Int. Dr. ran a TSH/T-4 test.  It was still in the normal range, but on the hypo end.  He said he wanted to try and give me the lowest dose of Synthroid and see if it improved my level and how I felt.  When I felt started it with taking a whole tab., I was nervous and jittery. So, I told him that I was cutting the pill in 1/2.  My next blood level showed a slight improvement and he told me that I could take the whole pill and it wouldn't cause a problem.  I've started to take it now, but it hasn't improved my energy level any.  I'm still gaining weight, but I suppose it could be at a faster rate if I wasn't on the thyroid.  I'll see what happens when I go back and hear what my level is.  I did question though, the necessity of my taking medication since my level still feel within normal limits.  I am not wanting to end up being hyperthyroid by taking something that's not necessary.  Hypothyroid usually means your slower, most sluggish and hyperthyroid usually means your more anxious, jittery, sleepless, higher metabolism, etc.   At least that's what I've been told.
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I was already on low dose Synthroid before I knew I had hep. C. It did go up a little just before I started tx. It's fine now. I get it checked once a month. Sometimes I forget to take it because I have to take so many other things. But I was on a 6 day dose only, not on Sun. So when that happens I just take it on Sun. My goiter used to stick out on the left side, but now it doesn't (the last 3 or 4 mos.) and my G.P. is happy about that.  
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Great....a goiter!
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I have been on synthroid for years.  I was gaining 1 1/2 lbs a month.  After 3 years my OB told me to get a work up via my GP.  They put me on synthroid. They had to test me to get it right.  There is a huge normal range and what is normal for you may not be normal for someone else.  The did drop my does 6 weeks ago to 150 from 200.  We will find out what it should be now.
I just stopped tx and not sure if the numbers are right.  I think the Riba messes with them.
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I have had the goiter on the left side for at least 11 years. They used to be bigger on both sides. I had them biopsied twice. They are cold nodules. No problem. I would say the Hep. C medication is helping my thyroid because you can hardly see the goiter on the left now and the one on the right is gone.
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I am 7 months post-treatment.  I go to the endocrinologist tomorrow and will probably have some more tests run and will know more/feel better about it tomorrow.  I am just in a little shock about it - I just found out today.  It does answer some questions about some problems I have been having.  Thanks!
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I got the autoimmune HepC Interferon thyroid condition. First it went CRAZY hyper and then in 3 weeks went completely the opposite way (as is most common) to hypo.

The doc put me on daily synthroid (75mcg) and now today just upped it to 88mcg because even though my T3 number is good I've been gaining a LOT of weight (might be the m&ms though hee hee).

It's a very mangeable situtation although a pain in the neck (haha I'm so funny right?)

If I can help you in any way, just let me know.

PS When I was hyper my T3 number was 0.0 that is how you know which you are.
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PS the symptoms almost EXACTLY mirror symptoms from treatment which is why they do the tests on us regularly.
Hair loss
weight gain or loss (depending which you have)
Overtired or can't sleep

If you google it they will all come up.
You didn't tell me enough to help...just have a simple blood test done.
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Thanks for posting!  They tested my TSH and T4 Free.  My TSH was 62.85 (range .35 - 5.0) and my T4 Free was .55 (range .53 - 1.48).  Best I can tell is my pituitary was saying "hey you, thyroid"and my thyroid kept taking a nap!
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Thanks for posting!  They tested my TSH and T4 Free.  My TSH was 62.85 (range .35 - 5.0) and my T4 Free was .55 (range .53 - 1.48).  Best I can tell is my pituitary was saying "hey you, thyroid"and my thyroid kept taking a nap!
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They got me right in to see the endo and he put me on 112 mcg of Synthroid and will recheck me in 7 weeks.  He also did the blood work to see if it is autoimmune thyroid, but he was pretty sure it was.  He said  I will start feeling better in  a few weeks, and much better in a month.  They were going to go ahead and start me on synthroid if they couldn't get me right in.  Luckily, he had a cancellation ;o).
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Oh, and I have a GOITER!  I can't really see  it but the doctor could!
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From what I can tell it looks like you are really REALLY REALLY hypo thyroid.

When I went yesterday my thyroid was at only 1.53 which is actually EXCELLENT but since I've had to much weight gain he prescribed more synthroid to try and push me down into ALMOST hyper range.

So when I see 62.85.............................that is so far out of the small little to 5 limit it freaks me out!

Have you called the doc and insisted on a quick quick appt?  I tell you out of all the complications that can arise from the IFN..at least this one can be fixed by taking a pill every day. (I try to look at it that way if you know what I mean).

Have you read all the sides? How do you stack up?

I think your thyroid has gone into hibernation...never mind about taking a nap! LOL it's the first time I ever pictured the thyroid as a bear before.... ;)
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Ididn't even know I was hypothyroid until I went for a check up and the doctor said, "How long have you had this goiter?" I said, "What goiter?"  Then we had a fine needle biopsy done on it and it was cold.

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These are some following sign and symptoms of thyroid:
1. Weariness subsequent to dozing 8 to 10 hours a night or expecting to sleep day by day.

2. Weight pick up or the powerlessness to get thinner.

3. Mind-set issues, for example, mind-set swings, uneasiness or sorrow.

4. Hormone lopsided characteristics, for example, PMS, sporadic periods, fruitlessness and low sex drive.

5. Muscle torment, joint torment, carpal passage disorder, or tendonitis.

6. Cool hands and feet, feeling chilly when others are not, or having a body temperature reliably underneath 98.5.

7. Dry or splitting skin, weak nails and over the top male pattern baldness.

8. Stoppage.

9. Mind issues, for example, cerebrum mist, poor fixation or poor memory.

10. Neck swelling, wheezing or dry voice.
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I had my thyroid removed after treatment.  Thyroid issues can cause you to have heart issues.. So, stay on top of it and get medication.  My result were due to a hot thyroid nod in my thyroid.  Causing over production of thyroid hormone and at the same time under production.  It can make you feel crazy if your thyroid isn't working right.  See a doctor if your concerned. FYI I feel great now and back to exceptional health.  Best to you.
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