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To: Hector SF

I just wanted to start a post to send you a BIG God Bless and say, I am so happy to hear you have started treatment today. I read your post to Cindy and it made me feel good to hear that. Again, God Bless and I know He will because you are such a caring and unselfish individual to help so many people. There has got to be days that you feel so bad but yet you go above and beyond to soothe the souls of so many. Just know there are people out here that really appreciate you! Thank you from GoGG or Tammy
Please keep us all posted on how your feeling and doing!
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Wishing you a very successful Tx, and hope you slay your dragon finally!
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Hiya Spadge! sending love& thoughts your way Hector you more then anybody deserves itand i agree you have been like a doc to many of us you always try to help and you always tell the truth. Goodluck Love Jules xxx
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Wishing you the best! I totally agree with all the forum friends you are an exceptional person.prayers sent on all of our behaves
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Hector...let me join this chorus by saying I am hopiing that new liver of yours to continues to thrive and that your treatment will be successful and with minimal to no sides...

You are clearly incredible and I am guessing a good friend to those around you as you certainly put an effort towards supporting everyone here...even when undergoing major health challenges...

Good Luck!!!!  Jo
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Good luck on your new journey! Many wonderful things said here about you. Hoping one day soon we will all be congratulating you on your SVR!
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Hello friend,  actually, I said it was hard to bite my tongue, an since mouth was killing me, I didn't.  The RIBA thingie kicked in an I gave her alittle education on just how much help an support was given an that the community was way more knowledgable than any one here.  Hey, a good side affect of RIBA to me is that it liberates me to speak my mind when I know I'm right.  I told her she would be doing her patients a great service by referring them here.  See how that goes.  Anyway, like I said, I'm protective of this forums reputation.  Everyone keep on marching towards SVR.  MARY
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