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Treatment Stopped

After 8 months of interferion and ribavian  treatment I came down with double pnumonia and pancreatitus, so treatments were stopped. I was hospitalized and given an enormous amounts of antibiatics (particularly Bactrum). I'm very scared at this point because I became undetectable at 2 months of treatment and only had 4 more months to go.
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When were you tested leading up to the 2 month mark that you found out you were undetectable?  Statistically .. okay, it's a bit of a challenge.  However, there are others on here who have been pulled off treatment far earlier than you and have still managed to achieve SVR, so that could be you too.

As far as in general ... it's out of your hands right now, isn't it. So being scared isn't going to change your outcome, it's only going to impact your present state of mind.  You might as well simply focus on getting better and give your body a rest and understand that the treatment has at least helped your liver recover to some degree.  You need to focus on getting stronger because either you will have your life back and you will be able to forge ahead .... or you will forge ahead knowing that at some point you'll need to fight this again.  Either way, you need to recover from what your present challenges are with the pneumonia, get mentally stronger and assure yourself, as you wait for your end of treatment PCR's, that you'll take what comes and go with it.  

Here's hoping your 8 months was enough though and stay strong while you wait out your PCR's post treatment.


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Unfotunately there isn't any way to know what will happen but Trish is right - its' out of your hands, just the same as if you completed treatment.  You'd still be just nervous and petrified of relapse too. We all are.

I'm very sorry you had to stop but it sounds as if the situation was worth it.  You can always do treatment again if you have to but with both those diseases that could have killed you.......taking care of them first was crucial.

Hopefully you made it just long enough to get SVR.

Good luck.
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You are a lucky person to have detected the deadly diseases and address them now. I agree with Trish and NYGirl that you may have already SVR'ed since you cleared so fast. And some of us have tx'ed several times before we SVR'ed; so "this too shall pass" and you will be the better for it. My prayers are with you and believe that you will have a good outcome in the end.

Take care!
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I agree with Trish. You need to address the most imminent health threats first. Get well from your acute ailments and then worry about the HCV. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and will get SVR (sustained viral response) even with your short treatment. If not, retreatment is an option as well as some new drugs that may be available in the future. None of these options will do you much good unless you are well enough to treat.

Good luck to you and get well,
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