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World Hepatitis C Awareness Day Oakland Ca

   A huge thank you to Lester Chambers,( of The Chambers Brothers) and Dylan Chambers, for performing at the
World Hep C Awareness Rally, in Snow Park, Oakland, Ca.  
    There was free testing, and literature and "Hep C Can Be Cured" bracelets and sun-glasses passed out, once
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Wow...the Chambers Brothers!  That's a blast from the past.  The SF Bay Area produced so many bands.  It's great to see them come out to support
World Hepatitis C Awareness.  I wonder how many bands you can remember
from the SF 60s?

I saw - for the general admission price of $2.35 - Jimmy Hendricks : )  at a
college gym.  

.....and you?
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  I remember Jimmy playing here when I was 8 yrs, but my Mom wouldn't let me go.  When we were 15 yrs,  we took BART to the Oakland Coliseum, to see Bill Grahm Presents Day On The Green.  
  We were teeny-boppers, and were going to see The Beach Boys, and would inevitably end up seeing Blue Oyster Cult as well, lol
   I saw Tom Petty play, at the last show at Winterland, in SF, when I was around 16 yrs,andit was the best night of my life!  He leaped into the crowd, and we all made a snatch for him, poor guy~
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Joan Baez has been play the Oakand Paramount Theater for over 50 years.
Have seen her, Carol King and Laura Nyro there.  
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  I love Joan Baez; her music, personality, looks..she has it all~
Ya know,  I've gotta hand it to 'ol Jerry Brown, for fixing up the area, where the Paramount and Fox Theaters reside.
  It is all "Up-Town" over there now, with a new park, and bricks on the side streets, plus a new Rudys' Cant Fail, and some other Hipster type bars w/food, etc.
   I am ready to go see a show over there, although I noticed when I parked over there a few weeks ago, a car (parked closer to 17th st) had been bashed into.  
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