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Years after sucsessful treatment, still feel lousy

Hi out there............quick question, I had genotype 2 and was treated for 24 weeks way back in 2004.  Compared to my friends and family that are my age (48- female), I feel as though I have really slowed down physically.  I still feel as though the after-effects of treatment are still present.  Anyone out there who has joint pain? My family doc said I have fybromyalgia. Anyone have really bad ADD? How about eyesight getting tremendously worse every year and still having very dry eyes. Anyone out there seemed to have never "bounced back" after the peglated interferon/ribaviran treatment? My husband tells me that all the time. I feel like a hypochondriac. I am in constant pain and always tired. Blood was just tested in December, liver enzymes very good @ 24 for ALT and no active hep C. Thanks
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Sorry to hear this. I too have not gotten better after tx with the SOC tx for Hep C. After a year of going to a Rhemy, I am dxed with Fibromyalgia.  The good news is that I found a drug to help all those joint and muscle pains.  i am taking Lyrica and it works really well for me. I tried Neurontin, which drove me nutz. But I am finally getting my life back without the pain of Fibromyalgia.  Hope  you can do the same!  

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txd with peg and copeg, completed tx 8/06. joint pain much better, constant dry eyes,  worsening vision, off and on ringing in my ears, weekly headache, more frequent floaters (dead cells) in my eyes. svr though. dont want to complain too much.
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i am almost 2 yrs post-trx..i also have dry eye,joint pain ,depression and some energy issues-my hgb is still a tad low.....
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I still haven't tried my contacts for the dry eye reasons. The joint pain persisted and the the energy is no where near what it ever was.  HGB is really high now!  
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