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Your Personal Favorite Side Effect Tricks and Tips

Since we have some newbies (in week 16 I consider myself now a "near-newbie"....how about posting your tricks for side effects?

This one is gross. I don't shower as often but use baby wipes on the naughty bits all the time. LOTS less itching.

Band-Aid anti itch gel spray for those intense spot itches...not good for big areas but Gold Brand Green bottle red top works nice.

Found this candy called Gin-Gins....described as a helpful candy for chemo. Works pretty good. Also ginger tea but it tastes like ****. They have a drink called Ginger Soother. Peppermint mints help too.

i have more but ring in please,all...

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thanks for those tips...especially the showering one...LOL...i havent really had too many sides...mild itching...finding that water really helps...lots of it...

anyway anyone have anything for hair falling out??? so far its just the gray ones, but i need all the folicles i have!!!

thanks again...Jools
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When I can't sleep and I'm bored I buy stuff on the Internet that I'd otherwise never buy. I've been getting UPS deliveries for weeks. Today I got some nifty towels. It's like Christmas. If you stretch it out, you can get a new 'present' every day although my last binge I bought so much stuff when it arrived even *I* was surprised !!

I haven't cracked the home shopping network yet but I did almost buy a knife set the other day and then thought, 'What am I going to do with 200 knives ?' Actually I really just wanted the samurai sword. That way when someone is walking their dog and stops to poop in my yard I jcould ust walk out the front door with a big ol' sword in my hand and waive it around, ninja style. That or toss one of them there pointy star blade thingy's at it.
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LOL...i wondered who'd buy those kinsu knives!!LOL
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my hair started thinning at first, then went to to the point where I cut it real short to hide the thinning - 2 days ago I bought a wig..I don't think there is anything you can do to prevent it from falling out, if there is I would love to know - Don't color or perm hair while on treatment is probably a good tip...
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hahaha Ihorn I went through the same Ebay phase as you - oh my GOD my credit cards literally almost exploded!  Got some great shoes but my gosh how many feet do I HAVE that I needed so many, many pairs of them!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite side effect tip - ice cream, by the gallons :)  It helps each and every side effect known to man, I guarantee!
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Deb: Have you tried making your own ginger tea? Just take fresh ginger root, grate a piece of slice really thin. Pour boiling water over the ginger and let steep about 10-15 minutes. Strain, sweeten and add water as needed, to taste. It may taste better than some pre-made product. My daughter used to take ginger capsules for motion sickness.
  Morning nausea: Hot cereal. If its really bad, have someone else make it and eat it in bed.
   Hair: I have dry hair and tx made it like straw. Once I realized it wasn't just falling out but also breaking off, I started using jojoba oil. Its good on the skin also after a shower and before the lotion.
  Sorry to say, my hair is still falling out but there is some fine stuff growing back in.
  itchies: Avoid fragrances, natural or chemical. Products with gentle natural, non-drying ingredients have worked best for me.
   Dragon Tea available from alchemistlab.com helped me a lot with easing the itchies. And hurrah for gold bond when nothing else works.
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hahaha you're a trip girl!  I love the tattoo idea - maybe that's what I should do - a big DIPPY on my head in bold colored Green to match what used to be my flaming red hair LOL
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I am still laughing hysterically at the baby wipes...and I thought I was alone lmao!!!!  I love the huggies with shea butter...
as for the sides
rash, gold bond red top,benadryl and itch it like heck cause it feels good and you might as well enjoy something feeling good to do!!
nausea...eat a bunch of **** then puk...ahhh that feels better...now my eyes are puffed to no end lol
hair loss, still got some left, colored it and then had highlights put in, I figured screw it , if it falls out i,ll shave it and get a big tattoo MOM put on my head
dry mouth,sores and cracks...rinse,rinse and eats lots of icecream..mmm
mood swings ..i PMS 24/7 just ignore me
fatigue? don't stop till you drop, lots of starbucks
weight gain or loss. I eat what I crave, even if its frootloops at 2am in my sleep!
seriuosly, the sides for some really stink but think of hopeful svr for all 4ever! hugs :)shelly
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UPS man showed up again today. In the past couple of months:

Silver Colibri lighter
1200 piece professional poker chip set ( whatever ...)
White linen robe
Ivory straight edge razor ( I haven't killed myself yet. Still learning ...)
Lots of skin/hair care products from MensScience
Professional Bar Set ( Yes, I'm still going to drink after I'm done )
Mahogony Humidor ( and smoke )
2 cartons of Davidoff Premiers ( a lot )
A sliver cigarette case ( but in style )
3 watches
Some really nice ebony ashtrays
Braun 9800 series electric shaver. ( very nice )
A set of martini glasses and tumblers
A couple of pipes and some imported tobacco.
Various knives
Various grooming kits
A pair of Armani sunglasses
Hot lather machine and 2 dozen barber towels.
Various talcs, aftershaves and colognes.
A couple of cuban fedora hats.
Various clothing ( ties and shirts mostly )

You know, GUY stuff. Whether I'll use it is another story but damnit, it's fun. I can always give 'em away as gifts.

Basically the theme here is I'm gonna do lot of shaving while drinking martini's and smoking.....AND I'll know what time it is at all times.

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Jeez! You should start your own Ebay! LMAO
I've probably done an equal value with my painting...had to do SOMETHING with all of this idle time.

I'm right there with you brother.
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Baby wipes???? I'm finished tx, but NOW I feel itchy after reading that.
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i did NOT mean my naughty bits itched.  

I meant that showering less and using baby wipes kept my ENTIRE SELF from itching as much.

Now i have grossed myself out.  and everyone else.....

Great ones, ya'll

Note to I-Horn:
I need some stuff........shall i send you some links?
Butttt......the stuff you bought sounds very suaaavvve
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