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anyone have an record early ice out?

our record for earliest is april 14th....this last heat wave almost took it out.... but today steady wind and cold...we will see..has to be one of the best days of the year.....billy
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Ok lol educate me. What is early ice out?
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Jilly, it's when the ice shanties fall in the water (g)
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Like Dokie. I see people with fires on lakes. Truly insane!

Thanks for the info.
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*OKIE!!! ...dang phone...
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(lol) was just playing with you jilly.
  But to Billy's comment, same was true here. I live at a ski area and it's already closed-usually we're open until Easter. The sugaring season (making maple syrup) was very short and quantities produced were low. For syrup production you need cold nights- below freezing and above freezing days. Last time the weather was like this was back in the winter of '94. That's 1994--I'm not that old!(g)
PS: just got back from Florida and it was unseasonably warm there as well, mid 80's everyday.(31 here this morning, back to reality )

IMO, it's global warming, not to be blamed entirely on humans/fossil fuel burning etc. either, climate is cyclical (also imo), just like economic growth and the tides, ebb and flow.
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See how blonde I am! In Seattle, we don't freeze that much so hadn't a clue what this was. Thanks for the info.
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I didn't know what it meant either.

Here in Northern California we had practically no rain all winter until this month. Which means snow is finally falling in the mountains.
Odd weather, indeed.
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