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cancer chemo

anybody know how the cancer chemotherapies compare with ours? Any body know exactly what lance armsrong went through?
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In reading some press reports, he apparently went through his share of EPO (procrit).  Whether it was all treament-related, who knows?
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My you are on top of it this morning.  Didn't some of those bikers inject their own blood cells too?

cruel -  I had my weekly bloodwork done in the oncology department of the hospital which was where the hemotologist officed. Sitting there week after week and seeing the same faces and seeing the decline of some of them put a lot of things in perspective for me.  I was particularly drawn to the face of one beautiful hispanic woman who was there every week with her loving husband.  As time went by, she was less attentive, and then asleep in her wheelchair, and then I saw her no more.  I had my blood drawn one day with a young woman who shared my birthday.  (we have to tell our birthdays for identification each time).  She was so young and had a scarf to cover her bald hair.  After we both had our blood drawn I saw her smiling with her mom and pointing to me and I was moved.

No, cruel, it is not the same.  Hep C is not life threatening (for most) to the extent that cancer is, and the drugs, although similar and in fact sometimes the same, do not have nearly the dreadful side effects.  I have a friend right now dying of lung cancer - she is 55.  We shared stories, and maybe I can identfy with her more than others, but believe me, cruel, we have it easy.

That is not to say this is not chemotherapy. That is not to say our side effects aren't awful - and for some worse than others. I think you can confidently tell others you are going through chemotherapy.
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I watched an episode of House where they thought the guy (bike racer) was giving himself shots of epo to help with his racing...of course he wasn't and he had brain cancer but...I would never have known people willingly give themself this drug cause it's so powerful without needing it you know?

Gosh I learn alot from House, tv is a good thing  ;)
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i did 12 weeks of radiation  treatmnts after testicular cancer surgery,but no chemo...at one point trx was stopped by low w blood cell count for 5 days...kicked the stuffin outa my energy levels & nausea was a constant problem(trx that w/ a bit of puff) BUT,48 weeks of trx for hep-C was far more difficult and i have decided against entering the race in france this year!..my reactions to trx drugs included incredible mind melting,depression and a general decline in faculties..Today @ 6 months post-trx i am feeling altogethr better,stronger & HAPPY...I wish y'all the best!!!...hello Friole& Flaguy!!!!!!! (-:
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How ya doin? BTW, I had one of 'those bx's'.  Much prefer the liver version.
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thanks for the info, thats just what i needed to hear to quit feeling sorry for myself and be a man! I had mistakenly assumed that our ordeal was obout as bad as it gets. I guess i was wrong and glad to find out. im signing into the daily strenght chemo forum to see what its all about. also im finally having a good day for the first time in a week or two, what a thrill to feel almost normal for a minute! i have you on my chart as 56/72 on the 2nd go round, is this accurate at all? thanks
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i am AOK!!!!...tho they have decided my leg pain,sciatica is really a ruptured disc....now that i finished trx i am gettin a few odd body parts rebuilt....i will soon be a like new classic!!..more importantly,how goes your trx?? i visited hollywood fla. this past month thot of you& that tree to be..but the traffic&leg pain kept me hotel bound..How do you manage daily traffic deluge??
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Things are ok here too.  Acutally, work not far from Hollywood. Trick is drive early and late, avoid the peak times.  Makes for a long work day though. Nice weather here, huh?
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I want House as my doctor. That guy is smart. Mike
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cruel -- oh  oh - chart, huh?  Sounds like me when I came on board.  I have a little notebook with tons of info of forum folks and a word file with profiles.  Now, I am more or less lost, there are so many new folks.  Nope.  I am not 56/72.  I am done.  I (stupidly) chose to do 36 weeks after my first sensitive non-detectible PCR whch was at 20 weeks.  I was clear by sensitive PCR from that point to the end, but  after off treatment in AUgust, my viral load is right back up to the pretreatment levels of about 1.4 million IU/mL.  Currently on hold until I decide what to do. Little liver damage.

I  am so glad you have had a good day.  We deserve a few of them.

Beamer - how the heck are you?  Did you just pull out from r that rock you've been hiding under?  When is the 6 month PCR or did I miss the post?  Fishdoc is done - stopped at 60 -- don't know if you saw that post.  Have you thawed out yet in the frozen north?
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Hey  *BEAMER*.... {{{HUGS}}} Great To See You!!! Welcome Back!

Cruel... I can tell you "first hand"... Cancer & Radiation TX makes this TX seem like a walk in the park!
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Yea, I'd want House for my Dr., too.  But, can we put some Dr. McDreamy and Dr. McSteamy in there, too?  How about a George Clooney type?    I suppose you guys would want some good looking female docs around, too.  I mean, they need to be smart, but nice to look at isn't a bad bonus is it?   :)

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