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considering shorter tx protocol repost from other side

hi all, sorry to duplicate, mistakenly posted wrong side

i am doing week 15 geno 2, pegintron & 1000 riba, und <615 from week 4. i am considering the shorter tx after all, but will definite have this discussion w/dr. just putting it forth to the group. i see finacial difficulties ahead for me and feel the stress of it.

i currently have temp disability and student loans, can borrow a little more trying to finish thesis anda few classes, helps to be home good days so unpredictable. hard to write. really have to do some serious writing like last week. i know you see me post a lot thats writing, but i mean of the analytical sort, just haven't been able to do it. recent travel and thyroid stuff really put me out of whack. need two chiropractic adjustment just to put me right. i think from all the lack of sleep & travel. please say a prayer for me on this is am running out of time and need to graduate and just put this project behind me. have only to write results and discussion (have to analyze my data to do this. this is like only 10 pages or so single space that i am stressing about. i have to keep convincing myself it is doable.

anyway back to short treatment. i am worried about money really, also concerned in my situation the insurace may dry up and need to make a career change in fact s -

1 would like to hear from geno2 who have succeeded in short treat.

2 hear from people who have made career significant career change during or near treatment end.

3 and or have stories of creative finacial or any other stories of encouragement
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I did 72 weeks as a geno 1A/1B got a great promotion DURING treatment and had to work my as& off but didn't mind, it was tough but I love my new job so it paid off.
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i don't know how to deal with the mental fog. and the headaches sometimes i take tylenol or alternate w/ibuprofen. and there is so much frontal pressure.

i facilitate a class this semester, i can't remember names. my career is very social lots of direct contact. i am fearful of not presenting myself cognitively aware/present/capable/able to remember new tasks choose any or all.

you have done this on treatment? i am amazed. these things above i fear to ruin me as a begin a new profession.
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Worry eats away your energy. Please do not worry. Just do your best from day and day and the Lord (the Father of us all) will help you, please turn to Him.

I'm genotype 1a. I start my 23rd week of treatment tomorrow. I still work full time and I'm 64 years old. I'm retiring at the end of May so I will have my last 3 1/2 months of tx at home so I can just take care of myself.

I also had to have 2 chiropractic adjustments in 2 days this week due to travel, etc. But I was MUCH better after the 2nd one.

Drink plenty of water. Keep a positive attitude. Sounds like you are almost done with school. That's wonderful. Congratulations. You have really worked hard and should be proud of yourself.

As far as the brain fog goes you can take amino acids as recommended by Hulda Clark in her HIV book. There is only one page on Hep. C.

Did you ever get my message about the flaxseed oil? Take 2 tablespoons a day with yogurt or cottage cheese. It works much better with a calcified protein. It really helps your mental outlook and attitude. Be sure to eat nourishing food after thanking the giver.

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it's true, i am a worrying sort. seems like you have been through so much yourself. glad you can soon retire (as you continue tx) i forget did you clear the virus yet?

i too am grandmother, but as i am just finishing higher degree anticipate that i will be working another 20 years (to 70), i don't figure that i will have to work "hard" all those years and some may be part-time later on. overall think it will be good for me to keep busy. love my grandkids. don't see them near enough as i would like. usally work,school, now tx prevents frequent contact.

i didn't forget about the flaxseed oil but haven't been to trader joes to pick some up. definitely will try will look into the amino acid recommendations of that author. i will write that info down so i can look into it.

thank you for your prayerful nature. yes i think we have to be thankful and also just give somethings to god, too much to handle on our own.
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Yes, I dropped 2 1/2 logs the first 4 weeks. Then I had a little relapse at week 11 and went undetectible since week 15. Cleared sometime between week 12 and week 15. Stayed there since. So my doc says I have to do 51 weeks of treatment. If the insurance will pay. But I will be on Medicare by then and they will pay.

Treatment can bring on anxiety and/or depression also so please don't be too hard on yourself. I would never go without my daily flaxseed oil. Its harder to do when you are travelling but they do have capsules.

I look on life as an adventure and I just want to be the best person I can for the Lord. He gave us this life and it's what we do with it that is our gift back to him.

I started a bodywork business in my home doing reflexology. I have been interested in natural health since 1985. I have a huge library of books on it. I used to make $2300. a year part time in reflexology after work. After I get well I can do more of that. It's very rewarding to help people feel and get better. It is my occupation of choice. I charge $50. per hour.

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Reflexology, thats like where there are places on the feet ( or head?) that are connected by nerves to other organs of the body and massaging those areas heals?  i am guessing w/o looking on the internet so forgive me if i am way off base. Do i have that right?? cool.

i have been gone all day daughter # 2 invited me to lunch went to a fabulous relatively new restaurant malaysian thai blend of cuisine, had mango chicken yum, brought left overs to daughter #1 & spent several hrs w/grandchildren, whew they wear me out, i can not handle that much energy, movement, activity. wears me out. injection 15 last night i should not have gone out today, will pay for it later (physically).
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