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just found out

Hello all. I was just diagnosed with hep c, please tell me what is next. I am waiting to see a specialist.
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Your doctor will want to see the current condition of your liver.  After a liver biopsy to find out what the condition is you will begin a grade.  1 being the
minor and 4 being cirrhosis.   Then after knowing that grade you will be told
about treatment options.   "Hepc.com" is a place where you can start a plan,
read more about what to expect.  The key to Hep C is educating yourself.
You will be much better off dealing with the specialist if you take the time to
do so.   Treatment is much better than just a few years ago.  

Best to you
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Hi There: I was diagnosed 5 years ago, have had it for 37 years.. There is a great article from one of the Doc's who helped discover non A non B Hep C and it gave me great comfort. I will try to find it for you. He essentially says that all the focus is on the small percentage of people who end up not doing well and that there is a larger percentage who do ok even without treatment. Anywho,,, my advice,, Do not drink alcohol, eat really well, organic if possible and live in a clean environment, breathe, walk, pray , see the bigger picture and get as much information as you can. It can be crazy making but you have time most likely to come to terms with this. It takes time ,, your own time to come to terms. I am preparing to do the new treatment, Harvoni and even with the claims, I am frightened because I don't like to take drugs so I am off to do more research for myself. Good luck Dear and keep the faith. You'll be ok,, There's more help now than ever before
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Thank you so much for the advice. Can they tell how long you have had the disease? I have been reading a lot of information on the subject of hep c and have yet to run across any info that may be able to detect how long. How did you know you had it for 37 yrs?
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