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medhelp Kontera ads

These ads that are apparently from Kontera.com are literally sucking the life out of my puter, can anything be done about it?
Tia Pro
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Change your hosts file to this one. Not a scam.

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Thanks scratch, that may be beyond my capabilities...Medhelp has become my competers worsed enemy, the biggest adware attacker site I visit. I do run a McAfee suite with ie, have tried firefox and it is faster, but just used to ie, have also used Opera and netscape..Hard to teach an old dog new tricks....or habits (g)...But the battle rages on, striking blows and fending off one attack at a time (lol)...down, media.medhelp,googleleads, ad.doubleclick, view atdmt, kontera, tribalfusion,medhelp international112.2o7, pagead2, jdn monster....my head is spinning and I'm losing track!!...........;^( pro
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I was just about to post a thread about this.  It makes my comuter nearly unuseable on this site.

I think the issue is that they have the wonderful "keywords" that become underscored and that become actual links to products, topics, etc.  That means when you open a thread....not only are you opening a threads but also activating lots of keyword links.

I would like the "service" discontinued since it makes the forum unuseable.  IF you open a long thread it disables your computer while a lot of unwanted [email protected] loads.  Who wants that?

I'd like Medhelp to discontinue it and at the minimum to explain in simple english how we can disable it or somehow be able to "opt out".

If that doesn't work I'm afraid I will just have to opt out by not reading here.....

Thanks for starting the thread and IF Medhelp won't help....perhaps someone else has an easy solution.


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This thread  kind of explains the problem and some possible solutions;


Still..... I don't feel like the membership should have to deal with fixing this issue.

I reported this to MH and hope that they can provide a solution.

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I downloaded the latest version of mozilla firefox and it seems to have solved the problem for me.

I don't know why but things seems fine now.

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I use Firefox, and it screens their [email protected] adds. That stuff is Infuriating.
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The Kontera ads should only appear if you are logged out. We have purposely not shown those ads to members. If for some reason you are seeing them when logged in, please let us know.

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Ummm.....I'm logged in on AOL and it took about 2 minutes to get to this short thread to where I could type the words Med Help; pretty slow.  Yes, I think there are fewer ads but I still see one in a full color banner at the top and little google type links on the left side.

By accessing with Mozilla firefox I am now having no issues.  I had to upgrade to the newest version of firefox and I also loaded another ad program.  Life is good there but the AOL is a nuisance but half usable.  For me that suggests that the service provider may also part of the issue.....just for your information.

On firefox one gets a little read out of what is loading....hanging up etc....  But I do not have that on AOL.  I think AOL is kind of a resource hog and that may play into how my computer behaves.  

It may also be time for me to reformat and do some serious cuts to what in on my platform.

...anyway...just for your information.  At least I can access it using one browser.

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I'm logged in but the site does load a lot slower than most. Today, MH is loading around ten times slower than other sites I've visited. Individuals threads are sometimes loading slower than with dial up.

-- Jim
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The only thing that keeps me here are the people.
This place is nowhere near as good as it used to.

Why cant MH give us a forum configured like it used to be.

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The only constant is change.  I've been meaning to wander over and say hi in your thread; exciting stuff.  If you think the forum isn't as good now...... how will it be when you SVR and move on?  ; )

Now I'm going to play devils advocate because I *so* love that.....

I upgraded my firefox this morning......and things are so much better.  I also added an anti ad program and that rocks too.  Everything is clean and pristine.  I can load threads quicker without getting frozen in place while I look at an hourglass on my screen while I silently freak out waiting .....waiting.....waiting....

What I got in the balance also is the little underlined areas in threads..... they are gone now.  Have you ever tried to copy and paste some copy from this board and found a giant list of links to subjects triggered by the keywords; heh heh; gone now.

Further..... I now have spellcheck with firefox.  Maybe it's time I lost AOL and saved some $.  (we're in a depression now, you know; the worst of this century.  ; ) )

The deal with Medhelp is that they have to sell some of their space so that they can keep the forum free.  A user fee might be preferable to some of us instead of advertising..... but I have a feeling the free means more people and that's one reason the forum is a good one.  One other idea is that Medhelp could pay you guys to stay and post...... to ensure continued quality.  ; )  

Anyway....my panties were in a twist this AM but I am better now.

It still feels wrong that I can't visit with AOL unless I have a lot of free time.  I wonder if other forums are marching right now with torches and pigs heads on sticks...... or whether the complaining is the worst on the HCV forum.  (LOL; this morning I was not able to find much in the board search engine except this wondrous place.  ; )

Willy (kvech, kvech, Khcve)
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Willy: What I got in the balance also is the little underlined areas in threads..... they are gone now.  Have you ever tried to copy and paste some copy from this board and found a giant list of links to subjects triggered by the keywords; heh heh; gone now.
Unless your program has magical properties, that's  not because of your new programs but because you signed in. If you're not signed in, any time you copy something the hiden "tags" will come along. BTW what program did you get to zap the ads?
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I had a he11 of a time searching, researching attempting downloads, failing and then on about the third time I tried upgrading my firefox and then the download was accepted; it would not install on my old version.

I did adblock plus; it's freeware.  Frankly, I don't even know if it is is installed yet.  ; )  I've yet to see a tutorial or any cues that it even exists other than an icon on my desktop.
I'm kind of like a goose; I wake up a new world every day.....especially so in the cyberworld.  

Whatever; I have no ads.  It's so simple and pure.  ; )

.....say.....are you clocked in now?    

I probably shouldn't even be talking about this in the thread.  It's like Fight Club; first rule is that you don't talk about it.

I'll have to check around and see if I can get an extension for the AOL...which is lag and freeze central.  Bloatware; ya got to love it.

Did you find this post useful?  (yes  no)

: )

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Jim, Willy,

There is a constant battle between the people that write the adds and the people that write the add blockers.  Depending on where you are in the cycle, you will see fewer adds.  Right after a realease of Addblock or Firefox, you will see a decrease of adds.

Then the suppliers of the adds, modify them and find a way around the block.  Then, you get another release of Firefox...

Someday in the not too distant future, the internet fundamental low level protocol will be replaced and security will improve, adds will probably be with us forever.
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Firefox, so what settings are you using ? When you go into "tools" then "options" what do you have selected? At the moment I have selected nothing, thinking my 'puter will not except any cookies from anyone, and I still see ads on the top, right ,left and the friggin bottom. I suspect I will have to allow cookies in order to log in and make this post..I'll soon find out. Can't log in with current settings, so now will try and change them to except medhelp only. What a battle...are you all sure your not excepting mulitple cookies? When you go to "tools" then "options" and click "show cookies" what do you see?
PS I'm using firefox 3.06 which I believe is the latest...
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aaaaaa ha, looks like "adblock" did the job...guess I'll have to train the dog (me) to use firefox...I still would like to know your tools>options>cookies settings though..I would perfer not to stay logged on though, now when I try and post I have to ok about 100 different box (g)...I'm back (g), I have allowed medhelp.org only and blocked third party cookies and logged in easily..I guess then, I can log out and remove the medhelp cookie..........THIS WAS ONLY A TEST................
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so to recap, for those slower folks like me
1 download firefox 3.0.6 (transfer your bookmarks)
2 once up and running, click on "tools"> "Add-ons">"get Add-ons" and download/install the free "Adblocker plus"..and no more ads, it's that simple and you can browse log in or on without ads.

3 your choice, go to "tools">"options" and make sure none of the boxes under "cookies" is checked...you are excepting none.
4 if you want to make a post, "tools">options" then click on exceptions and enter "Medhelp.org" click allow and close (they still piggyback media.medhelp.org, guess it isn't considerd third party) and click ok.
You'll be able to log on and make your post. Once made, go back to
"tools">options" then click on exceptions and remove the 2 cookies
(medhelp.org and media.medhelp.org) click OK..I'm also going to click "tools" and clear private data........
So, any comments? Is this the best approach? Better approach out there for a simpltin like me?
off to work, everyone have a nice week..
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Thanks for posting the thread Pro.  I have been trying to use the forum for a while with AOL and I was at my wits end.  Using Firefox yesterday I actually had the ability to see the app that was bogging my computer down, googled it and then incensed came over to the community board to start a thread; it had already been done; thanks.

I hadn't even visited the community side since each time I would open a window it would be another invitation for a computer freeze.  In essence I had to limit the number of pages I could look at.  I'm sure that this isn't what MedHelp had in mind with the ad program but with a computer that has marginal memory/resources some of these programs may prove crippling.

So...... I'm sure we aren't the only people with the problem.  I think that I will note that we were actually forced to resort to an ad blocker program by circumstances.  I really couldn't use my computer.  I REALLY couldn't visit THIS SITE; it was by far the worst.

I'm glad that this resolved the issue (for now....).  I have a feeling that many people would not..could not.... deal with the upgrades and therefore merely will chose not to either visit the site or just forget the internet; too much of a pain.  

BTW..... the other program was called *noscript*
(there, I said it).

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In doing a quick search I see that they are discussing this in the addiction forum.  I draw no conclusions that the topic seems to have been picked up and run with in the HCV and addiction communities.  ; )  I have a feeling that this issue will only snowball unless the ad program can be made to be less invasive.

Right now some people are getting tasered by the ad program/MH site.  For each one that complains....how many merely give up?


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Cookies of themselves are not a serious problem; aggressive blocking can cause you more problems that the cookies themselves.  The internet is  a "stateless" system:  each time you connect it is as if it is the first time. Most internet sites get by this by storing cookies on your computer to remember what you were doing the last time you visited (made a mouse click on a web page).

Some people use them to track what you are doing for marketing purposes.  These are identified as tracking cookies by most suppliers of security programs(Norton, McCafee) and can be deleted.  So don't get too crazy blocking cookies or you will cause yourself more headaches than it is worth.
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