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thinking out loud here

For those of us who have been on here for more than a couple of months and also, the long term experts......

Does it seem like the anxiety level about Hep C has heightened lately?  We are seeing a lot more folks who are worried about exposure and it makes me wonder.....why?

On the one hand I think it is GREAT that there is more attention to HepC which will get cases diagnosed earlier, hopefully and more SVRs, hopefully.

On the other hand, ribarage has me going....oh jeez, quit worrying so danged much when you don't have anything to worry about....

Has anyone else noticed this trend or am i just being a rude jerk for "the other hand" comment above?  Sometimes I lose patience when I know I shouldn't  - but I really think there's a lot of "new action" going on, huh?

Your thoughts?

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interesting discussion - I asked my hep nurse about this awhile ago - she said that hep c is the not the front runner of hepatitis anymore - she said Hep B is showing up more often now...she gave me an example - she said look out in the waiting area - (I don't have to wait in the waiting area when I go there anymore - thank God!) there about 25 people waiting for appointments - she said 3/4 of the ones that were there had tested postive for Hep B and were waiting to be told what treatment they will be involved in - the others were 10% follow ups post treatments and gastro issues...

I think people are becoming more educated about the transmission routes for Hep C and taking precautions, but that said, - I may be overly optimistic...

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You are never a rude jerk, so don't even think about that.

If you are commenting about all the questions here, I sometimes think that the forum has been discovered by trolls that are looking to disrupt anything that they can.  I definitely am experiencing extreme Riba rage these days, so could just be me.
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did I mis read the original post?  I thought you were talking about real life issues, not Internet forums - sorry *dip*
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Deb I think it is a little of both and all the above. MedHelp, in its directory does not break down the Hepatitis forums as A B C it is all grouped into one category. Maybe in the future they will set up individual forums. Nature of the beast I guess.

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To your initial comment.  With the tainted blood import to Canada from years ago, do you get the idea that most of the Canadians affected know it by now?  Or, are they still discovering large numbers of cases?
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Here in my county, not only my doctor, but all the doctors who deal with HCV have treament WAITING LISTS now or they can no longer "accept HCV patients"
The NP told me that there is a big increase of positive patients in our office and I have read here for a few years now and it seems it is increasingly difficult for people to find doctors available to treat their HCV. The govt. utterly ignores us as a disease population it seems.
Now that getting an infection in a hospital is the third most likely way to die in America, and that is where I contracted HCV, I wonder if that is contributing to the increase. I also think the huge rise in popularity of tattoos and the fact that there is no system in place to assure that HCV isn't being passed around that way is an issue. The tattoo industry itself has done their own policing, but there is no oversight via our govt. The tattoo guns can not be completely dismantled and sterilized with heat, so I suspect that little piece of the gun they can't dismantle could be at issue. Also manis and pedis are a risky arena, many many people being serviced, often using the same tools, often with inadequate sterilization and again, no health or govt. oversight to spot check.
Universal precautions can not protect against HCV completely, HCV is a very durable virus and can live for days on any surface. It can't be killed with disinfectants either. If you look on the bottle of the disinfectant at the hospital, it does NOT list HCV as one of the things it protects against. I know, I looked. HIV is listed, but not HCV.
Another problem is doctors and nurses are put at high risk for HCV in their jobs yet they are not required to be tested. I read an article in the NYTimes about an anesthesiologist who passed it on to several of his patients unknowingly.
Dentists us heat to sterilize and heat does kill HCV so I feel the risk at dentists is greatly reduced risk by this fact but you can't sterilize the surgical arena that way.
Didn't you also contract this from a surgical procedure?

The govt.  has it's head in the sand about HCV but even by THEIR OWN statistical estimates, millions of Americans have it and don't know it.

I hope you are feeling ok, I don't visit often but I read your story and I know you have had many challenging events health wise and otherwise this year. Hang in there, stay strong!
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Hi sweetie - Hope you are doing okay and have few sides today - Me, I feel like regergatated (sp) doggie doo doo today LOL

There were 3500 people infected in Canada with the HCV, from blood that was sold to this country for the USA - Bill Clinton sold blood from prisoners, full well knowing he could not use it in the USA - so he decided to make money off people's lives - what a guy!!  Any whooo - the Government here has passed law to make monetary resititution to those infected with the tainted blood - I am not sure how much money will be given to each person...The Health Unit here (similar to our Health Department) kept records of all persons receiving blood transfusions during a certain time frame and those people have been notified (at least that is what the press tells us)...When I was diagnosed with HCV, I had to register with the Health Unit (all infectious diseases need to register - it's the Doctor's responsibilty to do this) they wanted to assure me that I would be compensated for this...I quickly refused saying I was an American and it was my country that "served" me the tainted cocktail I received in a transfusion, not their's..

So to answer your question (I know I am long winded and ramble these days) all of those infected have been notified, according to the press, and I beleive the final count was 3500...

*dippity do do*
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See, that's what I'm talking about....i had NO IDEA about the Canadian blood taint.  This forum is really so incredibly educational for me. I know I'm a better self-care-manager because of it and also a better advocate.

The US government does have its head in the sand....think about the movie "The Band Played On", which is an object lesson for the feds when it comes to HCV.

But the one thing that upsets me is the perception. Sure, some of us got it through IVDU. Some of us didn't.  In any case, it is terrible that we can't be all that "open" about our disease because we'll have to spend so much time educating and explaning.  I went to a dentist a couple of weeks ago with a boutique implant practice who declined to treat me because of HCV.  True story.

I think I am becoming a grump about what's happening with this disease. When I hear about waiting lists for treatment I get scared for those who aren't in the cycle yet. What will happen to them?
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I think you're absolutely right. I think that's really sad.

I know I'm taking it personally but it makes me feel so weird that folks are so terrified by something I (we) have that they go off like that. I believe in trying to help calm those folks down but afterwards, it's like......ewww......they are so scared of what you have that they lose their minds.

And we have it.

I guess all we can do is be patient and educate.
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I think you're referring to some of the recent posts where someone expresses fear of contracting hep c when in reality there is no risk.

I've been here for two years now and these types of post are pretty common. You may see a bunch for awhile, then they disappear and then they come back. Some speculate that these posts are a form of internet 'trolling" and it's quite possible a few are. However, these types of posts appear on most health boards from time to time and I believe the majority of them (not all) are genuine and due to lack of knowledge about the disease, in this case HCV. The average person knows almost nothing about HCV, so imagine the types of thoughts that go through their mind when they find out they may have been exposed.

-- Jim
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was going to email you, was wondering how you were doing and if you've heard anything from SFbaygirl...hope youre feeling better and better, wonder about you!
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Sorry to hear about the dentist ordeal, I think I would be numb for a time too.
Ribarage? Nooooo lol

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