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Possibilities from Liver Biopsy

I saw my primary care physican who did blood work (lots of it) and liver enzymes were high, I did the 24 hr. urine test, I bruise easily, extremely tired, had blood tranfusions 38 & 40 yrs. ago giving birth to my children. I do not drink. I do have some autommunine (skin) problems as it runs in my Father's family. I'm really worried about what this could be. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
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What you should do is get the results of the blood tests before you start worrying. There is no percentage in worrying without data. You certainly could have HCV from transfusions and that can cause skin rashes. Continute collecting information. Don't panic yet! DTD PS Rheumatologists treat autoimmune diseases!
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Ask your primary physician to refer you to a neurologist as soon as possible. Neurologists normally diagnose and treat autoimmune diseases. What you have could be one of the primary immune deficiency disease.
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Thank you so much for the information!  It is very encouraging!  I know that you are right in saying that worrying is not benificial, but when you are the patient, it's a bit difficult not to worry. I already have a neurologist since I had the brain surgery (he treats me for seizures).  I have a lot of faith in my medical team. I'm just having a difficult time being a good patient waiting until July 2 for the liver biopsy. Thank you again!

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