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Dsyejaculation/sexual pain 10 months after hernia surgery with mesh

I had a left inguinal hernia surgery with mesh 15 months ago. After the surgery everything was ok. But after 10 months i experienced neuropatic groin pain just before and during ejaculation. This happened every ejaculation. Burning sensetion in the groin area contuniues 10 hours. It turned to chronic pain. If no ejqculation takes places,  no pain. I read several papers about subject. The complication is dsyejaculation. Dr. Robert Bendavit first recognize this in 1992. According to the papers, attachment of mesh to the spermatic cord and vas deference is the problem. During ejaculation sperm fliw inside the vas deference creates some sort of movements in the surrounding spermatic cord muscles and the attachment makes it difficult. As a result ilioinguinal nerve creates pain. There are several papers to correct the situation. All papers applied removal of the mesh and cut of ilioinguinal nerve. So 5 month ago my mesh is removed. I had neuroctomy also. My inguinal nerve was cut. After the surgery dsyejaculation pain disppeared. But  4 month after thw second surgery, my pain returned. I dont know why? There are two possibilities. First the mesh again attached to the scar tissue. Vas defrrence is dameged. Some surgeons offers to remove the vas deference completely. Bur urologists say that this may create also other problems like post vasectomy pain. One urologist offered to apply spermatic cord denervation. No doctor has any information  about this type of pain. Are there anybody familiar with this problem. ?
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