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Incisional Hernia

I have a large lump in my lower abdomen which my gp is almost certain is an incisional hernia, as it’s right by the scar from my hysterectomy in 2014. I have had blood tests to check for cancer. She has referred me to hospital hernia department as urgent and I got sent a letter asking me to book an appointment online. There were 14 hospitals available and not one had an appointment, all I could do was request they contact me. It’s saying if I haven’t heard by 23rd June I can call them. From where it is I assume it’s my intestine tgats poking through, it’s tender to touch and I can’t wear leggings or jeans. It’s causing me issues going to the loo for both number one and two, and I can’t bend over or lift anything heavy. I feel bloated and get stabby pains from time to time, I’m just so fed up! My mum says go back to the gp but I’m already on pain killers for my arthritis and sciatica, so would going to the gp help at all, can they ask the hospital to speed things up? I would appreciate advice from anyone in a similar situation, I’m in Leicestershire in the UK.
Thanks in advance
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