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groin hernia

I`m a 63 yr. old male, 150 lbs.decent shape. I had open surgery with mesh 2 1/2 yrs. ago, had pain everyday, surgeon says that the mesh must be removed . But when I went in to schedule this procedure, he said that he changed his mind and has nothing to replace the mesh with. So I am left to not knowing what to do next. I feel so desperate and tired of pain . Had a second and third opinion, cannot find anyone to help me.  Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help, I will be so grateful........................
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I also have had mesh surgery as of February this year. Since surgery I have had pain in my stomach everyday and  cant work in my job. In hide site I have found a Dr. that will remove the mesh as he is  specialized in this field. The downfall is he is in Las Vegas and he doesn't except insurance. He has financing. Its Dr. Kevin Peterson. He has NIS group. NO INSURANCE SURGERY GROUP. Good luck
I'll be interested if anyone has this removal. I would like to know the out come.
                   Sincerely MWeiss Charleston,SC
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Here is a link to another website where you could post your question and hopefully get some advice.


I have an inguinal hernia that I assume will eventually need to be repaired. I am waiting in the hope that meshless repair once again becomes popular because I do not want to take a chance and have it repaired with mesh. I know there are surgeons that do repairs without mesh but that would require travel and I no longer feel like travelling especially for a surgical procedure.

All the best.

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Hello and hope you are good.
The common causes of post operative pain are visceral pain, neuropathic pain and somatic pain. Mesh placement usually negatively impacts the genital branch of the genito-femoral nerve. Femoral nerve injury involving either the motor, sensory, or both functions may have been negatively impacted. The mesh shrinks excessively, scars and retracts away from the host tissue. In such cases mesh removal and venorrhaphy may be necessary to appropriately treat the patient. It is best to clarify all your doubts and in case you are not satisfied with your doctor seeking a second opinion from an experienced surgeon would be really helpful. Do keep us posted.
Best luck and regards!
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