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12 weeks vs 16 weeks igg testing

Can someone tell me if someone can seroconvert between 12 weeks and 16 weeks?
I took a 12 week test and it came back negative.
I took a 16 week test and it came back positive.
I'm quite in shock and numb. I went with confidence today to test and I felt my whole world has crumbled.
My results was HSV-2 1+. (I dont have HSV 1.)
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Igg or igm .Have you seen changing in value before testing positive?
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I never say figures for when it was negative.
I have taken 3 tests.
May around 7 days post- exposure, it was negative. althought IGM positive for hsv2 .. (same bloody sample was sent to reconfirm IGm states which came back negative also.)
Late July after 12 weeks . everything came back negative except IGM for hsv 2 at 1+
August 27.. Only test result was given for hsv2 which was positive at 1+ ( i specifically told doctors not to include IGM on d paper work))
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What was your actual number. If equivocal high chance of it being a false positive
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My number for IGG hsv-2 at 16 weeks was 1+.
1+ isn't very specific. You should retake another igg ELISA test for specific number. Anything under 3.5 is considered equivocal
Can you clarify what you mean by specific? I've noticed the laboratory gives 1+ or 2+.  I thought anything under 3.5 had a false positive chance not necessarily equivocal. I'm just a bit bombed out. I know this is not a therapy site but going from negative at 12 weeks to positive at 16 weeks. well it quite frankly sucks.
You need some type of confirmation test. Big chance your test is false positive
Rmd9090. I really do hope so. Thanks for the comfort. I'm most likely grabbing at straws at this point though. Thank you.
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A result between 0.90-1.10 on the IgG ELISA test is considered equivocal. A result between 1.11 and 3.50 is positive, but in your case, you should get confirmatory testing and not with the IgG ELISA test or the same test you used. If I were you, I would order the Western Blot herpes test kit from the University of Washington. It's typically used for confirmatory testing.
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I meant to say a result between 1.11 and 3.50 is considered a low positive and could be falsely so.
Thanks for the information. I'm feeling a bit hopeless and don't wanna waste funds. I'm not able to get the Western Blot as it's very out of reach in terms of location wise. My bloody sample would probably reach in a week's time or more if I had to do that.  Do you know any other test that could straighten this out? Also do you know why it went from negative in 12 weeks to a low positve at 16? I just i'm a lost for words.
I thought delay in conversion would only occur if you had hsv1
Getting Western blot is not impossible at all if you live in the states. What you do is you call the lab at the University of Washington and have them send you the task it. You find a location near you that will draw spin and return your sample to you ( you may have to call various independent labs in your area, that can be tedious ) so you can package it and overnighted via Fed ex to the university.  All the instructions that you need will be in the task it from the University. You need to get a doctor to sign the requisition form and make sure they order the correct test on the form. It’s the HSV one and HSV-2 western blot. If you don’t have a Doctor Who ordered the test for you, you can always order it through Terri Warren at her website. Her website is Westover heights clinic. It’s not cheap but considering this is a life long infection, wouldn’t you want to know for sure? An accurate diagnosis is never a waste of funds.
Test kit NOT task it
Why did you get tested in the first place? Did you have an exposure that you are concerned about? Did you have any symptoms - blisters, lesions, sores?

If you absolutely can not get the Western Blot, there are two other tests that are used for "low positive" results. These are the Biokit Rapid assay and the Focus recombinant inhibition HSV-2 ELISA.
I got them because i slept with someone that had hsv-1 and possibly hsv-2. The latter had a low range positive of hsv-2. I experience some symptoms for about a 3 week timeframe. nothing related to itchiness or sores. It was just slight swelling of penis foreskin (went down with steroid cream after 2 days). Then some yellow discharge. I have always felt there is a possibility I may have it. but to see negative at 12 weeks  turning positive at 16 week... it just feel i was a bit cheated to say the least. I dont live in the USA. I would most likely have to check on WellinformedPerson's other recommendations for test. I feel like my world crash down and just see how I can sort this out. I'll take another IGG test in a couple weeks to see if it goes further up. If it doesn't then I'll look for other options. Thanks everyone
Well the fact that steroid cream helped your symptoms is a huge thing because topical steroids would likely make an hsv outbreak worse! Steroids thin the skin and are NOT recommended for those who have genital herpes. Also, yellow discharge is bacterial. If you haven’t, get a full STD panel done. Specifically for chlamydia and gonorrhea. That discharge does not sound like Hsv at all.
The BioKit is a good option but has been shown to be hard to interpret and prone to false readings. Still, if you find a doctor familiar with it, it might be worth a shot also.
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