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I am a female that was diagnosed with genital HSV1 5 years ago . After my initial breakout I haven’t experienced anymore . I was getting ...
My girlfriend has genital herpes (we haven’t had sex yet), she gives me handjobs and uses her spit well this handjob was pretty long and ...
I went to the lab to get tested for HSV2 to find out if I was positive or negative. HSV 1 and 2- Spec AB, IgG w/Rfx HSV1 IgG, Type Sp...
Recently i did my herpes type-specific blood tests, results came a couple of days ago and HSV-1 was positive but HSV-2 was negative. What...
Hi! Recently my boyfriend received his STD results. Everything turned up negative except Herpes Herpes Simplex virus type 1 ( EI...
I heard Dr. Hansfield has only seen 2 occurrences of hand to genital transmission. I’d like to know the details of those transmissions or...
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