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This is a patient support forum for herpes. Discussions include symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and support.
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I started having soreness in my lymph nodes (right jaw line, right arm pit), and right back jaw pain about ten days ago, and now I can't ...
Six months ago I had some blisters on my vagina, I went to the doctor and she gave an antibiotic that relieve the pain in like 24 hrs, I ...
Exactly 3 months ago, I have sex with a female prostitute(I am male). Here is what happened. First there is a oral activity with a condom...
Hi, someone that I had sex with (twice, protected) tested positive (1.61 igg) for hsv2 around six months after we had sex. Neither of us ...
Hello, last Friday I used protection and had intercourse for 2 mins, then I removed the condom and she gave me intense handjob. After som...
Hello everyone I’m a male and met with a female CSW yesterday. The service that was provided was me receiving a BJ with a condom on. ...
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