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Hi, I like getting erotic body-to-body massages (without penetrative sex) sometimes, and I wanted to clarify my risk for herpes from skin...
Does the eye herpes simplex spread inside the body through the eye nerve or it shall be spreaded by only only out skin to skin contact or...
Hi. Ive had a burning sensation while urinating for almost 2weeks now. I did notice some bumps around the head of my penis before these...
I recently received test results of 13.60 for HSV-1 IgG with a negative HSV-2. I have an appointment next week for further information b...
Last night I had a one time protected sexual encounter with a female escort(23) for about 15 minutes. I received oral which was protected...
Hi, I wanted to know if someone could help me with my situation? I'm male, circumcised. Last week on 5/8, I visited a Korean massage p...
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