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Hello all and thank you in advance for your guidance. Here’s our story. My wife and I have been 100 percent monogamous for the past 7...
Soooo... I'm back again and please no judgment. I had been seeing a girl for over a month or so consistently every week. The last time we...
Dears , About one year ago I had protected oral and after 3 months had body to body massage and there was no sores on groin like sympt...
I have been HSV-1 since I was a kid and have gone years without getting a sore. This year, I’m on my 3rd sore in less than 4 months. Firs...
Hello - I got GHSV1 an years ago during and unprotected encounter. I got tested for std panel 18 days after encounter last year and which...
Good afternoon, I will make this brief for the experts on here since I know most of the questions are repetitive for you and I don't w...
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STDs can't be transmitted by casual contact, like hugging or touching.
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