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My first Herpes outbreak

On 14 Jan I had my first out break. And was tested PCR from the lesions hsv 1 positive. The lesion is at the anus region. It started to heal from the outside to the way in. But the inner region at the side near my anus hole was not heal. Everytime new skin appear but it breaks either walking or due to pooping. Until todate is not heal. Due to allergies to oral aclovir I couldn't take all the antiviral medication as my face turned brown when I was young the first time I took this medicine for chicken pox when I was young. My GP gave me zoral cream but it causes alot of pain. So without the cream I felt better just Abit of discomfort from the ulcers 4 or five small ones. She told me it may be chronic and as me to go for a scope. So I when to the sexual health clinic to see the doctor who did the test for me and he told me usually first out break may even last very long and he had seen people recovered after two months. He told me it is not chronic condition cos this is the first time I had it. He gave me tetracycline oilment to help my skin to heal better. He said this will help the wound but after applying it, it causes me pain and my pelvic pain syndrome came back. I have had pelvic nerve issues previously resolved but came back after all this stressful application. I was thinking can I just leave it and not apply anything. The discomfort of the lesion itself is not as bad as the topical ointment that causes my anus to felt so painful. I also tried applying petroleum jelly last night and it causes alot of pain on the skin. I feel that the skin became very sensitive. I felt very stressed after the pelvic pain syndrome came back. Now I just feel so stressed, not because of the herpes lesion but my pelvic nerve pain. Can I just let the herpes be?
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There is another antiviral medication called famciclovir.

It's a different medication than acyclovir or valacyclovir (Valtrex). There may be some cross-reactivity, but since you don't have a serious reaction to it, you might try it. Ask your doctor.

Some people get a lot of relief from using diaper rash cream for their outbreaks, and since yours is in the anal area, it might help. It's thick, and helps provide a barrier. Hemorrhoid cream might help, too.

When you can, leave it alone, and let the air get to it and let it dry out. Sleep naked from the waist down if that's possible for you, and after you poop, clean the area well - gently, with a gentle wipe or gentle soap, and then pat the area dry. If you live in a place that has bidets, use a gentle setting, and then pat dry.

Use the diaper rash or hemorrhoid cream when you need it during the day, when you're working or at school or whatever, and let the air dry it as much as possible at other times.

I hope this helps.
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Thank you so much for sharing. I may get diaper cream to try. Because my skin are very sensitive even before herpes. Just now I just tried squeezing a pea size zoral cream mixed with three drop of water and applied the area. It was better tolerated. I hope it works for me. I was wondering if there are people who didn't recover from the anus lesion more then two months?
I don't know for sure about anal lesions, but I will say that my first outbreak was hell, and all told, it was probably 2.5 months before I healed fully.

Have you been tested for other STIs? Sometimes, having a secondary infection in the area can keep herpes really active.

I also have very sensitive skin all over my body, especially in the genital/anal area. If you get a diaper rash cream, look for one that has no added scents, perfumes, chemicals, and says it's for sensitive skin. They make several organic ones that are available (at least in the US), so get one that at least says for sensitive skin. You might have to spend a little more, but it will be worth it.

The anus is a tough place because you can't stop going to the bathroom, which will always irritate the area.

The good news is that hsv1 genitally is usually less active than genital hsv2, and many people never get another outbreak after the first. The average frequency of outbreaks for genital hsv1 is less than 1 per year for people who do get outbreaks. The first one is also always the worst. It will never be this bad again.
I hope mine can also be heal in 2.5months. I have had STI checked. Negative, hiv negative also. After applying the zoral in dilution last night, today I felt itchy. I think I would let my skin rest before trying anything else. Because before the zoral cream it was actually better, no itch nor pain only when I walk. I may try find a diaper cream but I will only start one week later cos I am afraid of contact dermititis which I have it before. Initially it was scary, my whole anus was red and all skin were broken. Actually now looks better. Only cos of my GP doctor, she scares me by saying I might have ulcerative colitis. My STI doctor assure me that the ulcer aren't. But he said anus healing take much longer.
By the way may I ask if you have taken the antiviral medication on your first outbreak?
Do you realize that the zoral cream is acyclovir? You are using something you know you are allergic to. So yes, that it's causing itching is not surprising.

Yes, I started with valacyclovir from the first day of my first outbreak. I was in a relationship with a man I knew had hsv2, and when I got my symptoms, I knew right away what it was. For the better part of 20 years, I have been on antivirals. I will likely be on them forever. Without them, I get frequent outbreaks.

You're going to be okay. I promise.

Thank you. I hope I be ok soon.
I hope so, too. :)
If the lesion heal but keep coming back due to walking and abrasion is it cos the virus is active?
It might be because of chafing and rubbing. Have you asked about famciclovir?

Thank you for responding auntiejessie. The doc did not want to prescribe me cos they belong to the same family. Now is not just the lesion but my nerve effected after those irritants oilment and cream. I already stopped them but My anus involuntarily contract when I sleep. And I have hard time sitting on cushion chair it causes nerve pain radiates to my stomach I think it was irritated by those cream that time. It's upsetting. I was actually thinking to quit my job and take a break but I not sure if bed rest is going to work also. But at the same time I also don't wan to quit my job just because of this. But I am so afraid I am not gonna recover from the nerve pain and those ulcers.
I also just found out that there are new outbreaks today, like the first time. I am not sure is it because I tried used protosedyl on last Saturday, cos there are hydrocortisone 1%
That's too bad.

What kind of work do you do? Is it physical?

It may be time to see a specialist, maybe an infectious disease specialist, or a gastroenterologist, or maybe a proctologist.

I hope you find some answers and relief.
I worked as customer service. Sitting at the Mobile booth from 9am to 6pm. I will just sit and stand sometimes. It was the walking to work and public transportation that slow down my healing. I will see how it goes. I might go see the sexual health doctor next week or few weeks later and maybe he can refer me to a specialist. I was going through a depression actually. Cos I couldn't tell anyone, because of the stigma.
If you're feeling depressed, talk to your doctor. Meds and therapy can help with that.

I've had genital hsv2 for a long time. The stigma is stupid. Actually living with herpes is nothing like it's portrayed. My allergies and migraines bother me far more than herpes ever has. You just need to get through this initial part.

Also, 67% of people under 50 have hsv1 globally, and about half of all new genital herpes infections are hsv1. You aren't alone.

Take care of you, and that includes your mental health. It's just as important as your physical health.
Thank you. Your word gave me alot of comfort. I actually am seeing psychologist which I don't think I am sharing this with her. Actually the herpes ulcers doesn't bother me much now, it was the rectal nerve pain that bothers me caused by those irritants. Today I bought lysine to try out as I saw alot positive review on this supplement, so I am just gonna try it. I also taking mega dose vitamin C now. Since I couldn't take any medicine. Have you tried lysine before?
I haven't tried lysine before but Valtrex works really well for me so I haven't needed to. Lots of people swear by it. Don't overdo the vitamin C. You can get to toxic levels of that.

Tell your psychologist about this. She can't help you if you don't tell her everything going on with you. A psychologist has heard a lot of worse things than herpes, I promise. You are letting yourself think this is this big, bad thing, and you need someone to help you work through that.

I don't know where you live, but I've been doing this a long time. There isn't a country I can think of that hasn't visited this forum, and a country where genital herpes isn't fairly common, even if it's not talked about.
I tried lysine and I don't think it's working for me. I was wondering is it normal to be this long without any treatment? Because it's about 2.5months now and my ulcers are not heal. They are small. I will tell my psychologist but I won't let her know the diagnosis.
You need to tell your psychologist the diagnosis. I have no idea why you wouldn't.

You have to give the treatment time to work. It's only been a few days.

Have you tried the diaper rash cream?
Because after trying out lysine I not sure why the symptoms became worst instead of better. So I stopped it. I now try to let my skin rest and not apply anything, because the irritated nerve pain from got better. Is it normal to be more then 2.5 months when a person is not treated with antiviral medication?
For a first outbreak, it's not abnormal. Things didn't settle down for me at first for a few months.

The nerve pain is a separate issue now. Nothing you are taking is making that worse. That's from constant irritation of the skin. You might talk to your doctor about that for some meds to settle that down. It's called neuropathy, and is now a separate issue from treating the outbreak.

The nerve pain actually got better I was able to sit better recently until yesterday I tried petroleum jelly and the pain came back. So I think I really won't apply anything to my anal region anymore. Hopefully the ulcers go away soon.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Also, maybe you just need to keep the area dry.

Good luck!
Hi Auntiejessie, one week ago the lesion were all cleared. But yesterday I applied some steroid fungus cream on my thigh and calf. This morning my herpes flare up again. Does applying steroid cream on other skin area effect anal herpes?
It shouldn't. Those are two different areas.

However, if you have a fungus on your calf and thigh, are you sure this is all herpes and not fungus? Go see your doctor and get it swabbed.

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