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Cold sores?

So I have oral herpes. But I ever get cold sores, and I'm talking to this girl I like, and the other day when we went on a date I noticed she had a cold sore on her bottom lips that have lasted for a little over a week. It doesn't bother me too much cause I know she has the same virus I have,but it kind of makes me nervous to kiss her,  I'm wondering if I kiss her while she has a real cold sore on her lip, then will I start getting cold sores?
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Best to avoid contact with a lesion if for no other reason that prolonging the healing process.

Otherwise, no, her outbreaks or shedding will not induce an outbreak. Note though that couples can get cold sores at similar times owing to similarities in stress levels, diet, sun exposure etc.
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You mean prolonging her healing process? Like I said I've never had an outbreak before and I know sometime eventually I might, but I just don't wanna strata getting them often and I'm scared that kissing her with a sore will cause that to happen.
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That doesn't make too much sense. You have a virus that causes cold sores. So what!?! A small lesion on your lip for a few days is simply nothing to be concerned about, like a knee graze for example.

Kiss with confidence, show her that you care for her and HSV is irrelevant (which it is).
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