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Hi just curious what would be the sythoms of cervical outbreak be ? I have no discharge

I was diagnosed 9 years ago with ghsv1 outbreak don’t believe I’ve had an outbreak since then. I went to the doctors the other day as for the last month and a half I have had light blood after sex every 3rd time. The doctor looked at my vaginal area and said that I have a cevical erosion on one which is quite common and not serious and this was causing the bleeding. Then for some reason she asked me about herpes after diagnosing it as cevical erosion asking if I wanted a test even though she thought it wasn’t a herpes outbreak. She also said I have a bit of yeast. I didn’t do the test as she didn’t think it was that. I’m having no sythoms or anything except for the occasional sting while peeing but that is when it touches my skin not cervix and there’s no bump.

I am just confused as why Doctor asked this after saying it was a cervical erosion and showed me on google what it looked like.

Also wondering if it could be ghsv2 I’ve never had any outbreaks besides the first one that I am aware of.

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Doctors like to bring up herpes for strange reasons. Cervical erosion doesn't have much of anything to do with herpes, or any other STD, but it is good to rule those things out as causes of cervical bleeding.



Most of the time, it's just hormonal changes causing it.

You can get herpes on your cervix, and you'd have some spotting or discharge. I doubt that's what this is with ghsv1. I also doubt you have ghsv2 if you've only had the one outbreak.

I'm sorry she even brought it up. :(
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