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Diabetes and herpes

I am engaged to get marry and my fiance is diabetic.  He is afraid that since I have HSV2 that it can cause him a serious medical problem since he is diabetic.  I want to know what is the danger of him contracting this disease since he has diabetes type 1?  I know that there are various medications that I can take to prevent the outbreaks but they are not 100 percent outbreak free medications.  Your advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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his risk is not increased because he has diabetes.  it will not cause him serious medical problems should he contract it.

have you ever read the herpes handbook yet? it's free to read online or print out at home. just google it and it comes right up.

if you take daily suppressive therapy with valtrex, avoid sex any time you have any genital symptoms and use condoms, he is 99% likely each year not to contract hsv2 from you.  Very low odds in general.

keep asking questions!

you tried to post on the experts forum in someone else's post so it was bumped over to here.

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Thank you grace for your advice.  I am new at this and am not sure what to do.
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