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Do I Have Herpes?

So I have a picture of it but I'm not sure how to add it to this. So so start off I have been noticing like blister type sores on my penis lately. Sometimes they will be like right under the tip to shaft where those two meet up or just somewhere randomly on the shaft. When I notice them, I will usually have two maybe three; all within an inch from each other. I one had a doctor look at them and they did a swap of the pee hole whatever that's called for some other tests too and they took a sample but apparently everything came back negative.

I'm just really wondering what is going on. They heal rather quickly so when I make an appointment for my main doctor they are usually healed up by time they can get me in.

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Not sure if I replied correctly using the comments on your post. New to this website community
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You can upload your pics to a hosting site and then link it here. (Note: imgur is changing it's policy and no longer allowing explicit photos.

How often are you getting these symptoms? When you say they don't last long, what does that mean - a few days, a week?

Did your testing include herpes blood testing?
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I don't recall they did a blood test for herpes. They did run some other tests to see but all came negative so I'm not sure if blood was tested for that.

That's the link hopefully it gives better idea.

They last for anywhere from a few days to a week max I've noticed. They never hurt unless I rub against them from the underwear or accidentally touch them
How often do you get them?

It could be herpes. It could also be other things, too.

Find out if you got a herpes blood test. How long after you had the symptoms did you get tested?

You can get tested through some sites online, too.

Some notes, though -

You can have hsv1 orally or genitally. If you test positive for hsv1, it doesn't tell you where you have it. Only a culture can tell you that. The next time you get this, the best thing you can do is get to an Urgent Care if you have to, and ask them to do a type specific herpes culture or PCR swab on it. INSIST on it being a type specific test.

PCR is more sensitive, but not every place will know about that test, so if all they can do is a culture, at least get that done.

Also, the hsv1 IgG blood test misses 30% of infections, and the hsv2 IgG test misses 8%. If your blood test comes back negative, it doesn't mean this isn't herpes.

The hsv2 IgG also has false positives. Anything below a 3.5 result has at least a 50/50 chance of being a false positive, and the lower the number, the higher the chance of it being a false positive.





They all run specials all the time, and you can search Google for coupon codes. Compare prices and processes, and see which one works best for you - they are all the same test. You don't need a 10 panel test or anything like that.

So these ones came up about maybe three months since last time. I will have to see if they get back to me if they tested for that with blood or not. As for how often,.maybe every couple months or so. Definitely seems more if I don't shower for a day or two I'll notice them.

I do get cold sores every now and then, maybe like once every three months maybe. So would that make a HSV test positive no matter what?
"So would that make a HSV test positive no matter what?" - yes, if you get cold sores, then your hsv1 test would be positive.

It would not make your hsv2 test positive, though.

"I will have to see if they get back to me if they tested for that with blood or not." - Keep calling. Find out.

So they got back to me yesterday. And they said they did run it and it came back negative when they tested it. I've had no new partners since so what other things could it be? They referred me to my regular doctor in about two weeks but they've healed already so unless a new breakout happens I'll probably just be donating money
It could be fungal, some kind of bacterial thing, an allergy... There are a lot of possibilities. It could still even be herpes - as I said, the hasv1 blood test misses 30% of infections.

The next time you get these, go to an Urgent Care within 24 hours of them appearing and ask for them to swab them with a type specific herpes culture and do a wound culture and see what appears.

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