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Do whitlows always erupt?

Do whitlows always have pus and erupt?  Are they usually always fleshy/fluid filled?  Does an HSV infection in your finger always have to be on open/broken skin?  Or can it occur when your skin is intact?  

A few weeks back I had a raised bump on my index finger that itched like mad - the itchiness went straight down my finger too.  I could feel the bump, but not see it unless I flexed my finger which made the skin over the bump turn white, but then return to flesh color after (like if you press down on some part of your skin and release - the area is white for a second and then returns to its normal color).  

The bump wasn't fleshy or filled with any fluid.  It felt hard to the touch and hurt if you pressed your nail against it.  Nothing ever erupted or scabbed over.  The itch went away after a day and it's now just a tiny little hard dot that's slightly raised.  You can't see unless you look for it.  The skin around it looks like it's going to peel slightly.  

I know that in order to even have a whitlow you've had to have been in contact with someone who has HSV.  I did have an encounter with someone whose status I'm not sure of.  I am scheduling an appointment for myself to be checked out.  I can't honestly remember if this thing showed up before or after the encounter.  
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this doesn't sound at all like herpes whitlow.

should it reoccur, be seen and get it checked out.

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Thank you Grace - I will absolutely do that.  
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