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Ever last lipstick covering herpes?

Please keep in mind this is a hypothetical question. I am going camping this weekend, and I finally got over my last cold sore from my first ever herpes outbreak. Its been about a week. When campling everyone shares everything, and I have friends that do not know I have contracted oral herpes. If by some divine intervention they accidently sip a drink after me, or kiss me quickly I will be devestated. Now I have since forever been using Ever Last lipstick, it is a lipstick that stay on your lips for about 8 hours, and it feels as if it completely seals your lips off (as it is a dark color I can see its overall coverage). If I apply this lipstick do you think it would superficially cover my lips enough to block asymptomatic viral shedding?? This is no way an alternative to live normally I just would like to know what you think.
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From what I believe, once the sores have completely healed over, the chances of it being transmittable, are very low. If you don't have the crusty sore or any signs or symptoms of the sore left anymore, then you shouldn't worry too much.

There is no way to prevent asymptomatic viral shedding, even if you use lipstick. Viruses are too tiny to be shielded away by a lip stick.

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well kissing u on ur lips will not transfer herpes or drinking after  u moreover if u french kiss with open sores yes they will contract it no matter what ur using
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I don't know how much I believe that. I recieved herpes from someone who has never ever had an outbreak, as he is asymptomatic. But KCheese makes billions of sense. It is a micro virus, and most likely lipstick won't cover it. eh.
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HSV-1 is very common, like HPV as well. I don't think its something that should inhibit your way of life, especially since many people get it when young from parents. Some people could have had an outbreak while young but never realized

Think about all the times you eat with other people at a dinner table, and all other occasions. If it was so easily transmitted through asymptomatic shedding, everyone would have it, instead of 50 - 70% range of people having either HSV1 or HSV2.

For the future, when you start feeling the tingling on the lips before recurrent outbreak and active sores/healing sores, never share anything.
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read what i wrote well kissing i mean smack no tongue  u on ur lips will not transfer herpes or drinking after  u moreover if u french kiss with tongue   with open sores yes they will contract it no matter what ur using
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Oral herpes in adults is most always transmitted by passionate type kisses, not by sharing drinks. While you are most contagious with an active cold sore, you still can transmit via viral shedding. No barrier such as lipstick will "seal" off or prevent viral shedding.
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statistically 1 out of every 2-3 of the people you will be camping with will have hsv1 orally too.  If you didn't worry about things like this before, no reason to start now to be honest.

of all the things to worry about when it comes to sharing food and drinks, herpes really is not one of them. cold and flu germs are very easily transmitted by sharing them, herpes is not.  

if you are not comfortable sharing food and drink with others now, just tell them you are just getting over something and don't want to risk any of them catching the 'cold' you recently had ( or say diarrhea - no one ever asks details about vomiting or diarrhea....lol ).  

Also no, lipstick will not keep herpes from being transmitted. the virus is shed from the entire oral cavity, not just where the actual cold sore was or the lips.

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