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Genital Herpes Maybe?

Hello, I currently would love to get another opinion/maybe some clarity. A little long, but hopefully someone can help.

Some background: I do have HSV-1. I've had cold sores since I was a little kid. They rarely ever, if at all, manifest. I may get some tingling or one or two super small white bumps that you can't see unless you're right up on my face maybe once a year. I have been sexually active with the same guy (my long-distance boyfriend) for the past three years. Our last sexual encounter was almost four months ago in October. We did not have vaginal sex, but he did perform unprotected oral on me. And of course, he's my boyfriend so we had been kissing. I do not kiss him when I feel tingling on my lip or if I have a visible sore. But of course, there may be some shedding at all times. And he's never shown any signs of cold sores to me. But again, shedding, so who knows? Also, I have been tested for all STDs (excluding herpes as routine tests don't screen for it) and HIV very recently and all were negative.

So here is the issue.

14 days ago, I started itching on my pubic area (not inside vagina or on labia minora) strictly where my pubic hair grows. I figured that maybe my hair had gotten too long and I needed to shave.

12 days ago, I shaved and was fine for a day or two. Then, the itching on my pubic area continued. I started to experience tingling in my legs and feet and maybe a little tingling in my vaginal area every now and then. Almost as if someone is tickling me. No pain, no change in discharge, no painful urination, doesn't hurt when I walk or sit or shower. Pretty much everything else is the same. I was worried because I knew that I was to start my menstrual cycle and I know that one of the things that triggers herpes can be a change in hormones due to menstruation.

I started my menstrual cycle 7 days ago (I am on the last day now). No new symptoms or anything. No outbreaks or pain or hurting. But still the tingling in my legs and feet and itching on pubic area.

Now today, I went to urgent care because I've been driving myself crazy thinking this is genital herpes. The doctor asked me all of my symptoms and I told him everything as I stated here. He examined my vaginal area and said he sees nothing that would indicate genital herpes as itching can be caused by anything. And if this were the first time I was to have a genital outbreak, I'd be in a lot of pain and the tingling would be followed by lesions. And the symptoms wouldn't last this long. And if I were to have a recurring outbreak, the symptoms still shouldn't last this long. He ordered a urinalysis and said that it seems I have a urine infection (dysuria).

But my thing is I don't have painful urine or urge to pee frequently or anything. But he's the doctor so I filled my prescription and went on my way. I will be getting a full woman's exam and blood test on Wednesday to figure out what's up, but my questions are:

1. Could this be genital herpes just causing dysuria?
2. Would I be in more pain if it were?
3. How often have you seen just tingling and nothing else for a first major outbreak?

Most articles say many people won't know they have genital herpes, but then it's like oh but your outbreaks will be very painful if you get them. So either I won't know or I'll be in pain? It's super confusing. Thanks so much for any help.
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Herpes is different for everyone, just get tested to relieve your mind.
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You are very welcome. Congratulations!!!
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I wont say anything is impossible. That being said I HIGHLY  doubt it. I really believe this has nothing to do with hsv. Nothing you're describing fits for hsv.
Part of the problem when reading symptoms lists for hsv is that they all kind of fit together.
For example people read itch or tingle..etc and say I have that. What they don't realize is hsv is a virus and follows a pattern.  Just like a cold follows a pattern.
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Thank you for your feedback. I went to the doctor today and got blood work done. Now I'm just waiting for my results. The itching/tingling hasn't gone away but I'm trying to be optimistic..
Hi, just an update. My blood work came back and everything was normal (no STDs, HIV, HPV, etc) except herpes simplex 1 which I knew about since I get fever blisters sometimes. So I guess the random tingling sensations are just some bodily mystery lol. I did read that it could possibly be hormones, especially if it happens close to my cycle. So maybe that's it... Thanks again for all your help!
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Thank you so much for your comment. I'm definitely trying to ease my worries. But it is really hard when something new happens to your body and you have no clue what is causing it. Whew!

Another question, if I for some reason never had an initial outbreak but have had genital herpes for years, could this tingling from a recurring outbreak last thing long?

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I will try and help
First I agree with a lot of what your Dr has said. I believe your symptoms have been around to long to suggest hsv as the culprit.  Also since it has not progressed into lesions or other classic hsv symptoms
Tingling is not a symptom of an initial outbreak. It's a sign of a pending outbreak after the initial. The tingling is the virus moving to the surface of the skin.
To your questions
1 I seriously doubt it.
2 most likely you would be
3 never. See my coments above

I am very happy you went in to be checked. I hope they get it all straightened out. Make sure the blood test is igg and not igm. If they offer igm say no thanks. Please let me know how it turns out and good luck
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