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HSV1 Transmission rates

Hi there, I have HSV1 genitally.  I am about to start a new relationship.  If my partner has a long established HSV1 oral infection what are the chances I will spread it to them genitally through unprotected sex?  

Secondly, if I was on daily suppressive medication and wore protection each time what then are the chances of transmission?  Are they close to Nil??

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The chances are very small indeed that you would transmit HSV 1 from your genitals to the mouth of your partner.  Once you have infection in one location, it is highly unlikely that you would acquire that same type (i.e. HSV 1 ) in a new location on your body.  

I'm not at all clear that suppression is necessary in this situation.  In 30 years of practice, I have seen possible two times (not truly certain about either) where this has occurred.  

The chances of transmission are already very close to nil with no medication or condoms.

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Hi Terri

I just wanted to clarify that I was concerned about spreading this to my partners genitals, not their mouth as you have mentioned above. She already has HSV1 orally. Do your comments still apply for this?

Also for my own future reference, if a future partner didn't have a prior HSV1 infection, what are the potential transmission rates if daily suppression therapy and condoms are always used??

Is it true HSV1 genital sheds far less than HSV2?
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Sorry, that's what I meant, to her genitals.
We don't have good research to know about transmission rates of genital HSV 1.
Yes, HSV 1 is shed less often than HSV 2.

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