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HSV2 Questions

I am a 34 year old male and I recently contracted genital herpes (HSV2), despite the fact that the sex act was very brief and a condom was used.  I understand that the presence of HSV greatly increases the possibility of HIV transmission -- but does that HSV infection need to be present previously?  Or is it possible for HIV to be transmitted along with the HSV?  There were no breaks in the skin or condom (that I am aware of).  If this is possible, then it seems to me we cannot be sure that even condoms will prevent HIV.

On average, how much does daily medication reduce the number of outbreaks?

Would the daily HSV med routine be aided by adding other immune boosters, and pills like Lysine and olive leaf extract?

I am very concerned about transmitting this to someone else.  I have also read that shedding in HSV2 occurs about 17% of the time.  Am I not infectious at all during the other 83% of the time?  

Is there any way for individuals to test whether they are shedding at any given time?

I have been doing a lot of reading since this happened, and I am looking at articles about Pritelivir and products from Genocea.  Is looks like Pritelivir was promising but that the studies were halted.  I have looked, but there do not seem to be any updates on this.  Do you know if that research is going to continue?  I believe I read that Pritelivir was in Phase II trials, so if the research started again what would be a realistic time frame for when the drug could be publicly available?

Are there any other more promising drugs in the pipeline that might be available sooner?

Another source I have been reading about is Dr William Halford (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/03/herpes-vaccine_n_6791538.html), who seems to think that a vaccine is absolutely possible.   Are there any estimates on a time frame for something like this?  

This article says that a vaccine is already working for some of the population:  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=117961.  There is no year in the date, so I am not sure when the article was written and I found another article from 2010 saying that a widely followed GSK vaccine failed in its trials.  I am not sure if these two are the same drug.  Do you know anything about the vaccine that is described in the ABC news article?
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I was actually trying to send these questions to one of the doctors, but I dont see where to do that.  Do they still accept questions?  Can anyone post a link for where to submit?
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Hi, tell us how you were diagnosed with genital hsv2?
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