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Herpes inside lips ?

I’m a female 29 years of age, and within the past 2 years I have been with my bf exclusive to eachother (or so I believe) . This past weekend on June 27 we had sex and I gave him head, I don’t recall him having any sores on his mouth or his p****. On July 2 I noticed I had some redness inside my lips, I had assumed that it was due to my lip fillers, I got lip fillers on may 27 so I didn’t put much thought into it. It wasn’t until I went to get more lip filler in July 7 that the Rn told me that I had hsv on the lips. I have always tested negative for hsv-1 and my redness is inside my lips, with 2 small white coats, which burn when I eat acidic foods, I have some inside my upper and lower lip on my left side. Is it possible to have a first herpes breakout of the mouth inside the lips 5 days after being exposed to the virus if that is the case, would I have hsv 1 or 2 on the lips ? I know I would have to be cultured, but does this sound like herpes, it doesn’t look like a blister, it looked more like a flat white coat. How should I approach my not so bf about it ? Can I accuse him of anything based on this, we jst recently broke up due to him hiding his Instagram story, according to him he has been faithful and says he blocked me from seeing his story’s due to him being out drinking and doing drugs with his cousin. I’m having a lot of anxiety over this and I will have an std test coming up soon.  
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Great advice all around from Auntijessie.  And here is some other good news....  there are steps/changes you can take to help increase the odds you won't have another outbreak or that they won't be as long or severe (like taking the Rx you've been given, diet changes, healthy living changes, etc.) and other good news... most people tend to have less and less outbreaks over time.....there are advances being made in medicine all the time, clinical trials underway for new therapies, support groups for when you need to touch base, and so much more.  

None of this is to take away from your situation and what I'm sure feels like a bum-deal, I know I've been there.  I was devastated when I was told I was HSV-1 positive.  Hopefully, after you've had time to process everything a bit more, you can also take stock of the positives in your life too?  There is a whole world of people out there who have lived what you are going through, are still living it, support each other, and who are getting on with life.  I wish the best for you.
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So, boyfriend's super suspicious IG story aside, why didn't the RN test the sores on your lips? Does a dermatologist do the fillers? The derm could have done that, very easily.

There are lots of things that cause sores in the mouth, and and a flat white sore sounds more like a canker sore and not a cold sore. Lots of people think canker sores are herpes - apparently, some nurses might, too.


The thing about hsv1 is that many people get it when they're young, from well-meaning adults who kiss them and don't know that the sores on their mouths are from a virus or that they are infectious. About 50% of adults in the US have hsv1 orally, and 2/3 of adults globally do.

It would be hard to prove he didn't have it before and just transmitted it to you now, if this is what you have, or that you even got it from him, and didn't have it before. You could get a type specific IgG blood test, and if you test negative now, and positive later, it means it's a new infection, but people test positive in as little as two weeks, so the longer the wait, the harder it would be to prove.

Also, the hsv1 IgG misses 30% of infections, so if either of you test negative, it doesn't actually mean you're negative, making it even harder to prove anything.

As to your boyfriend, people with nothing to hide, hide nothing. I don't know if he cheated or was just doing something really stupid, but I totally understand your reaction.
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Unfortunately the RN didn’t test them since she only does my lip filler as my “aesthetician”. I will schedule with my pcp to get her opinion on these ulcers. They are very painful, the bottom lip has already healed but my upper lip is still the same and I can’t eat comfortably.

I also forgot to add the RN sent rx for me and I started taking it, the medication is for herpes. If it heals what I have can I be certain it is herpes ?
No, because time heals herpes, and you can't be certain that what is healing you is the medication or just time.

What medication did she give you?

RNs can't prescribe medication, unless she's a nurse practitioner. If she's an NP, she could have tested them. You can go to any urgent care today and get them cultured if you have some that haven't healed.
Oh and if they think it's herpes, INSIST that they do a type specific culture.
The medication she prescribed is valacyclovir, I am taking one, once a day. I will be going to urgent care tomorrow after work, I’m so scared. I just feel like it isn’t a coincidence that I started developing this right after I had oral sex with my ex bf. I’m just so surprised it started with my bottom inner lip, at first I thought my lips were just to dry because of the lip augmentation. And then I remembered a white flat coat on top, and I removed it thinking it was dry skin. I was looking at a mirror right now and noticed that, in the middle of my inner lip towards the inside I have very very tiny fluid filled blisters probably about 4 little tiny bumps. I never have had that before, they are very tiny, at first sight it just looks red, but if you use a magnifying mirror you can see they are little fluid filled bubbles :( I’m so sad, I think I have an idea that this is most likely hsv2, since I gave him oral and we didn’t really kiss on the lips. I also have a sore throat but no fever, I’m currently not talking to my ex because of what he did, how can I approach him about this. How can I tell him to go test, if we’re broken up and mad at eachother. Well mainly it’s me that’s not talking to him  for hiding things from me. My anxiety is just so much, i can’t believe I put my self in this situation.
Or is it possible that This is hpv ? I feel like my bottom lip of I fold it with my hand u can see this red tiny tiny bumps
It's not HPV. HPV has an incubation period (time from infection to when you see symptoms) of several weeks to several months, and when HPV infects the mouth, it doesn't usually show symptoms.

Does your ex know that you are having these symptoms? Is he a safe person to trust with your medical info? Would he use it against you?

If it is oral hsv2, there is good news about it. Oral hsv2 rarely gives you outbreaks past the first one - most people never get another one. It rarely sheds - only about 4 days a year - and because of this, you are unlikely to ever transmit it.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Get to urgent care today - don't wait any longer, because the sores need to not be healed for them to do a culture. Then take the weekend to take care of you. You won't get the results until next week at the earliest, even if they visually think it's herpes, it could be wrong. So take this weekend and do things that are good for you, whatever those things are for you.

Oh and your valtrex dose is wrong. To treat initial outbreaks, it's 1000 mg, twice a day for 10 days. For now, though, if this is herpes, being on the incorrect dose works in your favor since it's helping your sores not heal so you can get a culture, hopefully. Check the instructions on the bottle, and make sure you're taking them correctly, or if they were prescribed wrong. If they were prescribed wrong, ask the doctor at the urgent care for an updated script.

Good luck!
Will they still be able to swab it I still have some white on it, but it doesn’t burn when I eat, it still looks very red though. I wish I could show you pictures, to see if it for sure does look like herpes. Im starting to feel dizzy and my head is hurting I think it’s with all the anxiety. We overall did have a good relationship where we respected eachother , he would always let me know where he was. But him hiding his story’s from me, just makes me feel some type of way towards what we had. It makes me wonder if he was hiding other woman, he admitted to me that he has been doing cocaine, and that’s why he didn’t want me to see his story’s, not that he was posting the coke but he was out drinking till early in the morning. He jst tells me that he didn’t want me to see that side of him, of using drugs and drinking all night. I want to approach him and ask him, but I feel he will think I’m paranoid. The reason I say this is because I had tested him in the past due to me jst trying to be on the safe side. N fortunately he did come out negative, but according to him he felt I was jst paranoid n felt that wasn’t necessary. How can I ask him ?
Sorry I forgot to add that in the past when I tested him for stds the hsv was never included so I wouldn’t know if he was negative for any specific hsv . The test consisted of hiv, chlamydia,gonorrhea, and syphillis
Just go try to get it cultured. Don't worry about what it looks like. Just ask them to try. Ask them if they can do a PCR swab on it, though not everyone knows about that, or can do it. Show them this from the CDC if it helps:


It talks about diagnosing herpes.

Also, show them this about treatment:

https://www.cdc.gov/std/tg2015/herpes.htm#a5 We don't have dosing info for an initial outbreak for oral herpes, so most use the same as genital herpes.

Have you not seen him drinking? That doesn't make any sense.

Who cares if he thinks you're paranoid? You have a preliminary herpes diagnosis. You've presumably been giving him oral sex for the entire time you've been together, and suddenly you have things in your mouth. I understand that hsv wasn't included in the tests - and that is very common - but you do have some rights to ask questions here, if you choose to. It's all up to you how you handle it. You know him, and your relationship.

Just go get it cultured. Do that before anything. Then have a good weekend. I'm not usually around on the weekends, so take the weekend, stay off the computer, and relax.
One last question do you recommend for me to go get my results first before asking him about his hsv status ? Or if he could go test ?
Thankyou for hearing me out, it’s so hard to talk to my mom or anyone about what I’m going through. I feel so lonely, and I feel so sad to think that I might have hsv2 on the lips, I don’t want to be judged by it. I know a lot of people have hsv1 on the lips, but because they were kissed as a child etc. But my infection would be proof of me doing oral with a person I have trusted and was my bf and whom I thought one day I would marry
I came to the dr. I’m so sad, he stated that it definitely looks like hsv on my lips and he did swab it, he will also do a lab test. I didn’t ask what type of swab it is, but he did state that It would have been best to come in sooner since they almost look healed. I can’t stop crying auntijessi I jst can’t believe I put myself in this situation, I jst pray that all my std tests come back normal :(
When do you get the results back?

You didn't put yourself in any situation, and herpes isn't a punishment, anymore than a cold or the flu is. Viruses just do their thing and reproduce and spread.

You had sex with your boyfriend. People do that. You're an adult. It doesn't make you bad. Even if you'd had a one night stand or whatever, you wouldn't be bad, or deserving of some kind of karmic punishment. Millions and millions and millions of people give and receive oral sex. It's fun and it feels good. It's intimate and a nice thing to share with a partner. Loads of people do it with people they don't even really know. There's no need to judge yourself, or worry that others will judge you.

I don't see any need to tell your parents, unless you think they'll be supportive. You are 29. If you normally talk to your mom about these things, and think she'll be supportive, then tell her. If not, then don't.

There aren't any rules to telling your ex. The severity of this suggests it's a new infection, so if he's the only one you've kissed or been intimate with, I'd tell him, but keep in mind, this doesn't mean he cheated. He could have had either hsv1 or hsv2 for a long time and not known it. It doesn't help his case with the hidden IG story, and unlikely story, but this isn't proof of anything.

Hang in there, and take care of you. Whatever makes you feel better in handling this, do that.
Hello auntie jessi, thank you for your words and all the support you have given me. It has made me feel more at peace and I am grateful for you. Unfortunately the pcr swab that was done on me, wasn’t collected properly or something happened that it couldn’t be done on lab corps end. The dr apologized and just stated to come back ASAP if I have another outbreak that way we can culture it immediately. What other tests can I get?
Ohhh how frustrating is that.

If you have a newer herpes infection, you might still be shedding herpes, so they can try another PCR test. The PCR swab is very sensitive and can detect herpes even when sores aren't present. Do you have any sores remaining, even if they are still healing? You can ask them to do it again.

Have you had a type specific IgG blood test? You can ask for that, but there are issues there, too. They only tell you if you have either type, not where you have it, so if you test positive for type 1, it doesn't tell you if what you just experienced was type 1, or if you haven't had time to develop type 2 antibodies. If you have type 2 antibodies, it doesn't tell you if this was a type 2 outbreak, or if you have it genitally.

If you have no antibodies, it could rule it out all together, but it can take up to 12 weeks to develop antibodies. There are also false positive tests on the hsv2 IgG, which cause a whole new set of problems.
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