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Herpes? nothing?

a few weeks ago i had unprotected oral sex with a female friend. no lesions were visible. I put on a condom and attempted sex for what had to be no more than a minute before returning to oral. literally like twice in and out. she says she's clean.

i haven't had any discharge or the like but my penis does suddenly have a sensitivity to touch and a slight stabbing pain just in one spot under my head. just below the corona. I checked it several times but i see no cause of issue. no redness, swelling, no signs of lesions or anything. i do masturbate a lot so i figure maybe it's in my mind?? or maybe I've rubbed it raw checking it so much? i know penises are weird but i find that every little imperfection is troubling.

I've looked more at the underside of my penis more than I think i have in my whole life. I've looked at it so much i can't even really differentiate whats has always been there and what hasn't. I've looked over image after image to compare it to mine so i can see if i can find any answers and nothing. nothing even kinda looks like my penis. i feel like if i came across something like herpes for something for instance, it :

1. wouldn't be in just one tiny spot.

2. I could visually self diagnose it with more surety.

i know the time tables don't match up for something like warts. honestly, I'm just worried. like really worried. i find it effecting my mood and st times consumes my thoughts. any help would be appreciated.
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First, you used a condom for the attempted sex. Your chances of herpes from that are at about zero. Let's just skip to the oral.

I'm assuming she performed oral on you. Even if she does have oral herpes, a white spot isn't a symptom of herpes.

Have you ever had a cold sore or fever blister? If you have, that's oral herpes type 1. If you have it, that means you can't get it again genitally. I still wouldn't let someone with an active sore perform oral on me, but otherwise, you should be fine.

Even if you don't have a history of cold sores, you could still have it. About 50% of adults have it, and 90% of them will never get any symptoms.

So if you don't have it, yes, you could get it from oral sex, but you don't know that your partner has it. She had no symptoms at the time, and even if she does have it, without symptoms, your chances of getting it go down a lot.

I'd be surprised if the tiny white spot is anything. It could be an oil gland, or irritation. It's not likely to be a wart from oral sex, and as you said, the timing doesn't fit.

Make yourself - and you can do this - stop examining yourself so much. Limit it to once a day. I know we all have a ton of time on our hands right now, but if you have a herpes sore, you'll notice it. You won't have to seriously look for it.

I don't know where you live, but don't forget about social distancing. You can't get Covid19 from sex, but you can get it from being close to someone.
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