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Herpes or Hemmorrhoid?

About a week ago, I had brief unprotected anal sex with another male. He penetrated my anus for about 2-3 seconds, but it was so painful I had to stop. About 3 days later, I felt a little discomfort in my rectum. I felt a small bump with my finger just inside my rectum. Over a period of 24 hours, the discomfort increased. I never felt any itching or extreme pain- just mild discomfort (like the pressure one feels from a hemorrhoid). The discomfort subsided in about 36 hours, and I no longer feel it now (very minor, if at all).

I went to an STD clinic yesterday, but I was too early for testing. The doctor did, however, inspect the inside of my rectum. He said the bump did not look/feel to be a traditional herpes or hpv lesion, but there are no guarantees with that early prognosis. He thought the bump might just be a polyp and didn’t offer any further explanation.

Could the rough penetrative sex have caused a polyp or hemorrhoid to become inflamed? I thought herpes/hpv lesions were extremely painful and that they would last considerably longer and eventually scab over. I’m going to go back for testing in two weeks, but I’d really love to know if this is a minor form of herpes/hpv or just an irritated hemorrhoid. . .
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did you use lube?

doesn't sound like any reason to think this was std related. std's won't show symptoms that quickly and if it was herpes, you would've still had symptoms when you were seen as well as the pain would've lasted a lot longer.

we recommend protected sex because it works - be sure to only have protected sexual contact in the future and when it comes to anal, you have to have good lube!

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Thanks so much, Grace! The anal penetration was somewhat unexpected and very brief (although, I know those are no excuses for not using protection). So, to answer your question, no lubrication was used and the penetration was quite painful.

Now, I’m just playing the waiting game. . . I’ve been randomly feeling a tingling sensation on my scrotum (similar to how you feel when the hair on your arm stands up). I think I read that this can be an early sign of an impending herpes breakout, but I’m not sure if it’s a sensation I’m randomly having or if it’s just psychosomatic. . .

Of all the stupid things I’ve done in my life, I can’t believe I had unprotected sex with a stranger. I thought I was invincible and have risked everything that I hold dear. For anyone reading this, PRACTICE SAFE SEX! The psychological and emotional trauma I’ve been going through aren’t worth a few minutes of fun promiscuity (especially if you end up with a devastating STD that you will carry for the rest of your life).
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odds are still low that you contracted anything. try not to beat yourself up too much over it. always someone who had bad luck and contracted something from that sort of brief contact but typically most folks don't.

have you had your gardasil shots for hpv?
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Thanks so much for the comforting words, Grace!

I think this 3 week waiting period of uncertainty will be agonizing enough to leave a lasting impression on me, either way. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, though. If I get through this without having contracted a virus, I will certainly not be making the same mistake twice!

I'm no longer feeling any rectal discomfort, and I haven't seen any rashes, bumps, or sores on my mouth or genitals. I have been having some faint aches in my stomach that come and go,but I'm wondering if that's just nerves. I also have a bit of a headache, but that could just be my allergies. Whenever I cough or feel the slightest ache, I can't help but start freaking out. . .

Unfortunately, I haven't had the Gardasil shots, and I'm approaching my 33 birthday. It's so frustrating that the shots only work for ages 9-26! Why would that be?
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well they chose those ages because once you are over 30, odds are you've already had some of the hpv types it covers so it's not as helpful for the most amount of people. I know they tried once to get them approved for adults over that age but were turned down, hopefully they try again. You can still get them, just your insurance won't pay at your age so you have to pay out of pocket.
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hey Grace-
I have a question about Gardasil. . . Assuming the bumps/rectal discomfort ARE from hpv (and not herpes or hemmorrhoids) would my wife be protected if she got the series of shots?

In other words, if I have one of the four hpv strains that Gardasil protects against, would my wife and I be able to have unprotected sex without the risk of me ever infecting her?

She and I have been abstaining from sex, ever since the suspect sexual encounter that I had. So, there shouldn't be any chance of her having caught it at this point.

I started another thread in the HPV Forum but haven't received any feedback. Since I can't have any testing done for another week (and since none of that testing would be for herpes or hpv anyway) I'm thinking about scheduling an appointment with a proctologist to have them examine my bum. . . I still feel a tiny bit of discomfort in my rectum, but that may just be the two examinations I have from doctors in the past two weeks and stress. . .

thanks so much
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you can go to a proctologist or even a dermatologist - both can deal with that area for you.

depends on the type of hpv you have whether your spouse would be protected or not from it. the vaccine covers 2 of the types that cause obvious warts, about a dozen or so more that also cause them.
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Ugh. . . Now I'm really confused.

Yesterday evening, I felt some discomfort on the head of my penis. I noticed some tiny red bumps around the edge, which were no longer visible this morning. Now, it looks like I have two or three tiny red bumps near the opening of my penis with some very minor warm sensations in that area. Could this be the very beginning of an outbreak?

I no longer feel any discomfort or pressure in my rectum, though. . .

I guess I should just make an apointment with a dermatologist and get it over with, now that I'm seeing actual bumps. . . I think I'm still too early for testing, though. . .
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So, I no longer see the tiny red bumps anywhere on my penis. . . It does feel a little sore near the base. I just don't know what to make of it.

From what I've read, some people can apparently have very minor symptoms, while others have big painful bumps that rupture and scab over?

I feel like I definitely have something, whether it's herpes or a fungal infection. I've never had anything like this, before. About a week after my encounter, I had the rectal discomfort, which has almost entirely gone away. Then the tiny red bumps, which went away over night. Now a tiny bit of off/on discomfort.

Ugh- I just wish I knew what to make of this. . .
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sounds like you are spending too much time looking at your genitals actually.
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I’ve scheduled two appointments for next week. . . The first appointment is for some basic testing. I know 4 weeks is really too early for HIV and HSV, but I’d like to make sure there aren’t any bacterial infections. I’m also going to see if they can do a preliminary HIV test for (hopefully) a little peace of mind. I plan to follow up in 13 weeks with HIV and HSV screening.

The second appointment is to have a rectal surgeon take a look at the little bumps that I felt/think I saw just inside my rectum. I’d like to know if these are coincidental hemorrhoids from the attempted anal penetration or something I should be worried about.

Aside from the half dozen extremely tiny red bumps just under the head of my penis that become more visible when I have an erection, I also feel some discomfort in the back of my throat. It really isn’t sore, but I feel like I have a lump back there when I swallow. I’ve looked in the mirror, but I can’t really see anything unusual.

I’ve also felt some faint pain in my butt cheeks and the back of my thighs. Is it true, though, that an initial herpes outbreak wouldn’t cause prodromal symptoms like shooting pain in the butt/thighs and tingling in the groin?
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Okay, just got back from the doctor’s office. . . I think the most frustrating thing about possibly having HSV is that the facts/details vary so much from source to source. This whole experience has made me realize how primitive medical science still is.

In any case, my doctor went over all of the statistics and essentially dismissed HSV as being that serious of an issue. He reaffirmed everything that I’ve read on this forum- at least 1 out of 3 people have HSV and that it’s not that big of a deal. Really? It sure as heck feels like a big deal to me (and a lot of other poor people on this forum)! He said some people have a minor outbreak and that their body suppresses it, while it’s a really big deal for others.

I have to go back for more definitive blood testing in two months, which I kind of figured. He said the shooting pain I felt in my right butt cheek and leg was a bit suspicious and that there’s a chance I could have “a little herpes” in my rectum. He prescribed Valtrex for a week to give me some “peace of mind.” Incidentally, Valtrex is insanely expensive! I paid $50 for a week’s worth, and my insurance paid $114. Good grief. That’s half of what we spend on food for a week.

I’m not really sure where that leaves my sexual relationship with my wife. I guess I need to get some definitive testing in two months, before she and I totally write of condom-free sex for the rest of our lives. I had it so good with my wife, and I screwed that up royally for 5 minutes of cheap thrill with some nasty guy off of Craigslist. You can imagine how my wife feels. Not only did I cheat on her, but now she has to pay for my mistake with a less fulfilling sex life.
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