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Herpes or Yeast Infection?

I am a sexually active male in my mid twenties. I practice safe vaginal intercourse, however I have recently noticed a large cluster of white papules the size of a pin prick under my foreskin and some red dots on the head. There is no pain, itching, and I've had them for a few weeks now (from when I noticed).

I'm paranoid that it might be herpes, but I won't be able to get tested for another few months due to where I am currently located.
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Here is an example:
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You are welcome to this forum. Other member who knows about your problem will reply to your question. wish you best of luck.
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I hope that someone will be able to offer some insight
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They look like pearly papules to me. Best to see the doctor when you can.

Although there is some resemblence to a herpes lesion, the papules are too consistent and too permanent to actually be a herpes lesion.

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It looks like it was was a yeast infection. A few days of applying g canesten cream has caused the to almost a disappear
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I have these as well, but I've had them for years and had always tested negative for herpes. I am facing what I hope is a yeast infection right now, and have been for over a year.  

What cream did you use to get rid of it?
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