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Herpes or Yeast infection. Mostly unbearable itching.

I am a  20 something year old female. Back in June of 2012, I dated this guy. Unfortunately, I had sex with him and he had failed to use a condom. Late June, we broken up but had not had sexual contact since early June. For awhile, I had been having irregular periods (They would come every 2 weeks, last for about 10 days and were dark brown but a lighter flow than a normal period), but I noticed no other weird symptom. Around mid-august, I started having some really intense vaginal itching. I kind of swept it under the rug, but it got worse and worse. I started using Benedryl allergy itch cream, which honestly worked for awhile but in late October the effect started to wear off. The itching did not get really intense until Late November of 2012. I was always scratching non-stop. I bought Vagisal, but it did not work. Around January of 2013, I finally became brave enough to go to a free clinic. Upon examination, despite the fact I had a weird bump inside the vaginal area, the examiner told me that it was definitely not herpes. I was tested for Clamydia and Gonnerea (sp?), and those test came back negative, but it did show that I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription pill and it was only 1 pill and was advised to get Monistat. I did both of those things, but my symptoms seem to not get any better. They were still very extreme. However, in February, it seemd as if my period was finally normal again. There was no dark brown blood and they last the usual four days with a heavier flow.

In March, I went to a professional OBGYN, because I felt like the free clinic may have not done their job properly. Unfortunately, I started my period the day my appointment was scheduled, but they were still able to perform an examination. Everything looked normal (as far as no herpes being there) goes, and I was diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis. My STD tests for Clamydia and Gonnorea were negative again. I was given cream and a bottle of pills to take. The symptoms seemed to be at ease for about a few days (by that I mean I still itched but not as badly), but soon I started having extremely bad itching again. I scheduled for another appointment that was made about a month later in early April of 2013. I had another vaginal exam, everything looked normal. I got a call a few days later saying it was a yeast infection, and was prescribed this cream in a syringe-y looking tube. I have been using that ever since, but it has had NO effect.

I am constantly itching left and right, but it wasn't until this new symptom emerged as to what made my heart drop. I found a cluster of bumps (there are 3 side by side) right in the corner of my clitoris and labia minora. These bumps emerged right after I had drowned my entire vagina in a combination Vagisal and Benydrl itch cream affter having an intense itching episode. The bumps itched for awhile, then they became sore and now they just itch again. I also noticed another random bump on the right side of my labia minora (its really tiny and looks like a pimple) that sort of hurt when I touched it. The cluster of 3 bumps have been on my vagina for about a week now. One I ended up scratching until it bled. If that wasn't bad enough, I ended up getting two canker sores in my mouth out of nowhere within the weeks these bumps on my vagina appeared (I admit I am not the most hygenic person and do not always wash my hands after using the restroom so im scared i transferred it to my mouth as well).

I am terrified that it is herpes. I have been researching day and night. I have even looked up photos of herpes outbreaks. The bumps just look like regular old blisters/bumps and nothing like a herpes blister. They are not red around the rim. I have also looked inside my vagina using a compact mirror, and the skin looks smooth just red (and I am assuming that comes from the ongoing scratching I do 24/7). Also, other than when I have scratched my vaginal area constantly (including the inside), it does not burn when I pee. I have read up a lot on herpes and it says that as the outbreak happens and blisters appear, the itching goes down. I have constant itching. The blisters are white, but they do not look like they are filled with clear fluid. Also, they are not scabbing over/turning yellow or look like they have opened. I have seen photos of the progression of an outbreak, and by now the sores would have opened.

I am just scared that I have a possibly less severe case of herpes. I am praying that this is just the result of a prolonged untreated yeast infection. The medication for my yeast infection I do not use everyday because it seems as if when I insert the cream, it is pushed back out. I am just incredibly itchy all the time, and this has been an ongoing problem for 9 months. Even when I am on my period, my vaginal area itches really badly. I itch in the very inside of my vagina, my clitoris, the labia minora, the lips and in between the lips and the minora. Everywhere.

I really hope someone is able to help me. I have searched photos of Genital herpes and while my vagina looks nothing like any of them, the listed symptoms are scary enough (along with the unusual popping up of a canker sore, which i rarely get those unless i bite my lip or something). Another symptom I noticed is one of my lymph nodes are swollen. I have always had a problem with my lymph nodes swelling up, even before I have even had sex. My lower back hurts a lot too, but I work a job where I am on my feet all day (and often confirm with other co-workers if there backs are hurting too and become relieved when they tell me yes). Another herpes symptom that throws me off is fatigue. I have always had a problem with over-sleeping and being tired a lot. I plan on scheduling a doctors appointment, but I want to know what to expect when I walk in there. I pray that I am over reacting. I am not a strong enough person to be able to live with herpes and I keep breaking down thinking about the worst case scenario.

Is this a long term untreated yeast infection, herpes or could it possible be an allergic reaction?
I also do everything the doctor says. I wear loose underwear (men's boxers to be exact which is all that has remotely been comfortable for me ever since the itching started), I am not using any perfume based soaps, and I wear loose fitting clothing. Please, help me.
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you actually have no reason to think this is genital herpes at this point. If you need peace of mind, seek out a type specific herpes igg blood test to see what your status is but herpes doesn't cause all these symptoms.

unfortunately you've improperly treated your symptoms for quite some time and have done far more harm than good to be honest :(  Stop with the vagasil cream. stop with the benadryl cream. don't use them again!!!    so what do you do?  at this point, you need to continue to be seen monthly as needed for itching to be properly tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally.  unfortunately the vaginitis/itch cycle has went on for far too long and it's going to take a lot to break it :(   not unusual at all to go back and forth between yeast and bv - sometimes when you treat one, it allows overgrowth of the other.  

what to do for your itching?  I recommend taking benadryl pills at bedtime to help with itching.  also try really, really hard not to itch your genital area too. you are damaging your skin by itching it like you are.  Try a barrier cream like desitin, aquaphor or any diaper cream. That will protect your irritated skin as well as soothe it.    you can also soak in the tubby with a packet of epsom salts thrown in too for itching or even just adding cornstarch to your bath water.

the next time you are seen, if things aren't getting better, ask about a prescription topical steroid to try or topical estrogen cream.  it's going to be hard to stop this cycle at this point so it might take a few tries until you have figured out what is going to work for you.

good luck! totally sucks when your genital area is constantly reminding you that it's there :(

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Thank you so much. It is a relief knowing that it is probably not herpes, because it has been scaring me dearly and I even had a bad dream this morning that I had it (as you can tell I am just really stressing over it).

However, do you know why I have the random 3 cluster bumps along with the random pimple along with the canker sores? Those are what generally scared me to thinking that I had herpes.

I am trying everything I can to relieve itching, and I am going to try some of those barrier creams as well. I also think the fact I work a job where I am on my feet walking all day makes it hard for my vagina to get the proper care (which is generally when my vagina is the itchiest while at work).

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you've irritated the heck out of your genital area dear. I'm surprised you aren't covered in rashes down yonder by this point :(

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Oh, I see. Well over the days the bumps have gone down (no scabbing) but still a lot of itching, unfortunately. Thank you so much for your help. I am really happy that it's not serious, but I still would like to go to the Doctor to get this treated! You're so kind! I will give updates on the situation when I am seen.
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hope you get relief soon!!!

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Could be herpes , did you have a blood test ? If you got bumps and your valuva intching and that then could be . sometimes herpes doesn't show up in certain std tests it will only come up in blood test specific for it , I wouldn't rule it out that something you should be aware of.
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Experiencing this right now!!! What ever came of your symptoms..
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