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Herpes or not

Since i was twenty years old i have been experiencing a vast amount of ingrown hair but never thought of it being herpes.  I have not experience sores or blisters on my face.  However, I did experience one time severe itching of the genital area and blistering due to scratching but the doctor dismissed this as an yeast infection.  ten years after i am diagnosed with genital herpes.  could you help me understand if this was ways of knowing that i had herpes.  i was informed that i have hsv 1 (herpes I IGM) 2.23 and herpes II IGG - 0.72.  could you please explain if this is really me having herpes or should i re-take a test.
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what testing did you have that diagnosed you as having genital herpes?

are you sure these are igm or igg test results you've posted?

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I've always shaved, but never had ingrown hair (which doesn't mean anything).  Shaving does irritate the area when I have an outbreak and I have been told to stop shaving altogether.   Have you ever checked with a mirror to see if you may have blisters in your genital area which you mistake for ingrown hairs? I guess it would depend on how far down you shave.  I go smooth as a baby everywhere and you should not do this.  It"s shocking that not one doctor in 10 years had caught on to the fact that you had herpes during a pap smear or when they do a vaginal exam.  I know a lot of people present with no symptoms; but something was going on.
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