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Herpes testing

Helo . I do sex for first time with sexworkers . After 4 weeks from intercourse i tested for herpes . They took blood and tested for herpes antibody . The result came positive for hsv igg level nd its level is 95 iu/l nd igm is negative . Would i really get herpes or the level 95 indicates past infection or now . Please help me
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Hi, if the test says any numbers above 1.2 is positive and you had a 3.5 or above would indicate positive for herpes and is most likley hsv1 oral acquired when you were young.
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But i havenot have any history of oral herpes . I have done testing within 1 month after exposure . And its value is 95 . Is their any chanve to have false positive antibody test?
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if the test says any number above 1.2 is positive any number 3.5 or below could be considered a false positive in need of re-testing.
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Ya thats ok . My question is: i have no past history of sexual intercourse or any oral hsv . I had sexual intercourse before 4 weeks . I tested and result came yesterday and the igg is 95 nd igm is negative . Within 4 week would the antibody level increases this level drastically ???
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No they would not
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So whats my conclusion ?? I have genital herpes or not . Or whether i have oral herpes which was not recurrent and unnoticed ??
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If the test says any number above 1.2 is positive and you have a 95 then you have herpes and considering the high number it would indicate youve had it for quite some time and would not be related to the affair 4 weeks ago.
You need to find out if this is hsv1 or 2 but i suspect its hsv1 oral from childhood.
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Just to add here, this looks like a Euroimmun test with results expressed as Ru/mL. Is that correct? These tests are positive over 25. The 3.5 equivalent for Herpeselect is about 70. Hence there is little doubt you have HSV.
You have had the wrong test in effect. A combined HSV1/2 IgG test isn't very useful.
There is also almost no doubt that as Life mentions, you have an oral HSV1 infection from your youth.
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Hey. Thank you for ur compliment . Let me explain you clearly . On october 11 2015 i had sex with sexworker nd this was my first time . And on november 8 i go to massage centre and they do handjob to my penis with some oil . Within 2 days after my penis got itchy nd some burning nd i developed little fever nd body ache nd headache nd abdominal presurre nd it goes within 3 days . Nd i noticed 4 to 5 bumps below glans penis . I googled nd i found it was herpes nd im waiting for outbreak but still it was like as it before no blister formation . So on nobember 17 i tested for herpes nd result came positive igg level 95 iu/ml nd igm negative . What was my conclusion . I have herpes or no. Please help me out ?
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Please read carefully what is written and come back with questions.
Yes: you have herpes, the testing is conclusive.
Yes: you have most probably and oral HSV1 infection from your youth.
No you did not get the HSV1 from sex with the CSW.
Only HSV2 is a possibility and you need type specific testing for HSV1 and HSV2 at about 16 weeks post exposure to rule this out.
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