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Incubation period

I see ally of different incubation period for HSV
I’ve seen 3-7 days to develop symptoms  (20 being maximum and rare)
I’ve also seen 2-12
It’s been 9 days since exposure and nothing no itching lesions nothing is that good ?
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It's a good sign. There really is no set period that's different than what you've seen. You can see symptoms anywhere from 2-20 days, average is 4 days.

Why are you concerned?
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My BF was diagnosed (visually ) with ghsv1 7 years ago . (I’m neg) 10 days ago we had intercourses unprotected and next day he thought he could’ve been having a outbreak but no open sores or blister just a spot he wasn’t sure due to the fact he hasn’t had one since 7 years ago . So since he wasn’t sure , he didn’t know . It’s been 10 days now since possible exposure and nothing on my behalf . So since average is 4 and I’m on day 10 what’s the likeliness of me breaking out ?
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Intercourse lasted 5 mins maybe 7
Ok so first - UGH

There is no way to know whether it's ghsv1 or 2 visually. He needs to get a type specific IgG blood test to make sure he knows what type he has. It's important because transmission rates are really different.

Have you had a type specific IgG blood test? That is the only way to know for sure that you don't have it. 90% of those with hsv1 never get a cold sore. This is important for you to know because if he does have hsv1, and you do too, you can't get it again.

Chances are you didn't get this, if you don't already have it. You don't know for sure if his spot was hsv1, or just irritation from sex, or what. I wouldn't worry about this. :)

Okay I will . & it’s been 14 days now for me and I haven’t noticed anything odd on my behalf
Good. If you get tested and have any questions, let us know. Same goes with your bf. :)
Considering it’s been 15 days now and no symptoms do you think I’m in the clear ?
I'd say it's a really good sign. Only testing can tell you for sure if you have it or not, but it's not something I'd worry about at all.
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