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Is it normal for my partner and I to have genital bumps at the same time?

My partner and I both have mysterious genital bumps after having sexual intercourse. The two of us have been having a sexual relationship for about half a year now and it was only yesterday that we both realised that many bumps have appeared on our genitals. The last time we had had intercourse was on the 15th (three days ago), it had been unprotected and it was the first time I had him cum inside my vagina. No shower or cleaning was done afterwards.
This had never happened before and it had been a dry during penetration. These bumps look just like pimples or raised bumps of skin. Irritation occurs only when it comes into contact with anything like clothing or cold water. Four pimples have moved to my upper inner thigh but I believe it is still in the early stages for anything bad to be noticed.
Pimples, often one or two appear on my vagina at random times of my life. Does this have anything to do with what is going on or is that a separate issue. Also, I have recently shaved my pubic area and have many ingrown hairs, is this also a factor?
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Hi, what your describing doesnot suggest herpes but a reation to shaving. These short hairs could also irritate your partners genitals. If your concerned have a doc check you out.
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