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Is this a symptom of a herpes outbreak?

I posted earlier about a hard bump that I developed last Thursday. I have had this before a few times over the last 7 or 8 years (maybe 5 times). It is hard and round under the skin like a deep pimple you get on your face. I decided to take a bleach bath (added 1/2 cup of  bleach to my bath water) just in case it was some sort of skin infection. Friday it blistered, or had some fluid in it and it burst almost immediately. It then went back to being a hard bump. It has no scab on it and has only hurt when I pushed or squeezed it. Today it is almost completely gone, but when I touch it, it is a little itchy. I have an appointment with my physician tomorrow afternoon, but I think it will be completely gone by then so I wont be able to get it swabbed....I am planning on asking for a blood test, but I'm fairly certain I have oral HSV 1 from my current partner.
I really would like some input here because I don't think it is big enough to have been a boil, and I'm clueless on what else it could be other than herpes.....I hate the thought that I could have transmitted or am at risk of transmitting HSV 2 to anyone.
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Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I really need it. The bump is almost completely gone. It never ulcerated and it doesn't hurt at all today....never did unless I pressed or squeezed it. Tomorrow makes one week since it popped up.
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Hi, it would not appear as herpes as they are not hard bumps
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I am trying to convince myself it's not, but I am prepared for it to be. My doctor's appointment was rescheduled by their office. It's already pretty much gone, so by the time I go there will be no remnants of this bump. So I have a few questions.
1) Can herpes lesions bust and then not ulcer or scab, but instead just look like a pimple?
2) Can you have a lesion that is not painful?
3) If it's not herpes, then what could it be? I'm certain it's not syphilis or gonorrhea.

Today it's just a tiny hard bump under the skin that doesn't even hurt when you squeeze it.

I have lost so much sleep over this....and I'm struggling eating. The waiting and not knowing is the worst.
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