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Is this herpes?


A year ago, i was diagnosed with hsv1 through blood test (the test was for STDs in general not mainly for herpes), anyways, ever since i have never had any symptoms, except last month where i had some blisters on my upper mouth lip that lasted a few days, however it was painless to the point I didn’t feel anything.

My question is, does oral herpes have to be painful? How do i know if the it was herpes for sure or other thing? Since i have read that herpes usually are painful?
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It might have been herpes, but it healed very quickly for herpes, and herpes is usually painful, or at least uncomfortable. The only way to know for sure is to get it swabbed and tested the next time you get it, if you ever do.

Since it is most accurate to get it tested when the blisters are new, go to an urgent care if you have to. Any doctor can swab and culture blisters.
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This is what’s confusing me that there is no pain nor itching. Could the test be false positive then?
Well, you can still have herpes and have other things on your lips. Maybe you had an allergic reaction, or you burned it slightly, or something else happened. Most people with oral hsv1 never get any symptoms.

Did you get an index value on your test? There should be a number telling you how high your test result was. A positive result is anything over a 1.10. The higher it is over that number, the more likely it is not to be a false positive.

Well, i can’t remember the exact index value since i lost my results long time ago. I guess i need to test again.

Thank you for your time auntiejessi.
You can do another blood test, but that still won't tell you if what you had on your lip was herpes or not.

2/3 of adults globally have hsv1 orally, and 90% of them will never have any symptoms. If you're positive, you're certainly not alone.

If you get any other symptoms, get them checked out promptly.
So from what I understand that hsv1 is common. Could hsv1 complicate my life in the future? For example for marriage or newborn? This is what’s concerning me now actually.
How should i deal with my sexual life in the future?
You can infect your spouse if your spouse doesn't already have it. Again, remember that 2/3 of adults already do. We don't have transmission stats for oral hsv1, but you can transmit it by kissing and performing oral sex.

If your spouse (or any other future partners) has it, none of that matters. They will have antibodies that will protect them from getting it again.

With a newborn, you can transmit it by kissing, but just be careful to not kiss the baby on the mouth. No one should be kissing a newborn on the mouth. Babies have fragile immune systems, and can't fight off things that adults can, and with things like covid, which seems like it will be with us long-term if not forever, it will be a good idea to just avoid kissing a baby on the mouth.

If the mom has hsv1, the baby will be born with her antibodies, but those will only last for up to 6 months (I think - don't quote me on that number).

You can kiss the baby on the cheek, forehead, etc., if you don't have any visible sores. If you have visible sores, don't kiss the baby at all.

Other than that, it probably won't affect you. Remember that literally millions and millions and millions and millions of people have oral hsv1. They are all living normal and healthy and happy lives, or if they aren't, it's not because of hsv1.
Hi auntiejessi,
Sorry for replying late. Ever since those blisters disappeared, i noticed there’s a redness in the same area where blisters showed up. The redness is barely visible but when concentrating, it can be noticeable. Also, it burns but again i can barely feel the burning. Does hsv1 the only virus that leave redness on the spot?
Lots of things leave redness. If you fall and scrape your knee, you'll have redness for several days. That's just how the skin heals. It's not about what causes the skin issue, but how it heals.

Herpes doesn't leave marks like this for so long. Your skin would likely be back to normal by now.

Are you sure the burning isn't a hyper-awareness and focus on the area? When you're busy and not focusing on the area, do you feel it?
No. Not at all. When I’m not focusing, I don’t feel anything. It’s almost normal by now. I’m just wondering if this is hsv1 related.
It doesn't sound like it. The burning sounds anxiety-related. I'm not saying it isn't real - anxiety produces real symptoms.
you’re actually right. The day it started, i had some stress at work. Thank you so much for all the information you provided.
You're welcome. :)
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