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My girlfriend had a blister on her vagina and thigh

Hello Dr. my girlfriend had a single long large bubble blister on her vagina near her vagina lips and a sting look alike blister her thigh. We did not plan of having sex because we don't want unwanted pregnancy. So all I can do is to finger her and I thought it's safe to finger her and do nothing more than that.
I am scared that it is the cause of it.
We both are clean and we don't have sex before or having any other sex partners. I used to finger her everyday. And we did dry hump (rubbing each other's genital with underwear) on the bed recently.
On that day before I fingered her, I have washed my hands using a soap. Then I fingered her plus rubbing on her genitals and didn't notice anything.
After we did our own things fingering/handjobs, I went shopping with her for almost 1-2 hours.
Then when she get back home, she told me that she had a blister on both of her thigh and vagina and it is a fluid on the blister.
I am worried that she might get a herpes. Can it be the cause if my finger nails are dirty? I am worried about this.
She told me she don't feel the pain unless she touches the blister but not in pain if she walks. And it's gone after 2-4 days later. But she had no discharge or anything. I really want to know whether she has a herpes or not. I am having anxiety for more than a months.
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on her thigh*
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You can't get herpes from dirty nails.
But with liquid type blisters showing up, she might have hsv2. She needs the blisters checked. For me, I found one sore during my primary outbreak and it formed a liquid blister and I was at planned parenthood like 2 days after to get a culture done.  It can spread to you by skin to skin contact.  Talk to her and have her get tested right away.
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But how can she get that when I'm the only partner she had?
I'm not so sure whether she had a blister as she didn't show me. She told me she had chafing in the first place and end up having blister. Can it be this way too?
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Have you been with other women in the past?  You could be a carrier of hsv and given it to her and not know. You can also get a blood test for yourself.
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No, she is the first girlfriend I had done with.
No other girls, it's my first time doing fingering with her.
Same goes to her, she did this for the first time.
And we're nearly 2 years in a relationship. Btw she's overweight.
She used to have perspiration between her thigh and vagina. Maybe it's the cause of friction of the clothes? I don't know..
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P/S: As far as I know even if people have hangnails or slight cut on them, they won't get HIV from it. But I'm not so sure for blister though.
Like i said, me and her have done any sex before.
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Me and her have not done any sex before*
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If she's been faithful and you were her first, then she won't have hsv2 on her thighs.  Maybe its from the friction and has sores from walking.  

If you have a hangnail and you were in contact with someone with HIV, that would be the way to get it.  HIV is very common with the gay/bi community, as well as, drugs and prostitutes....sometimes straight people can be infected with HIV.  I know a lot about HIV because my uncle had HIV right when it came out in the 80's.  

Have you seen your girlfriend's sores before?  Has she had the doctor look at them?
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She won't let me check on her thing.. She said it's going to be fine.
Cause she told me she got it before me. I bet what she meant was chafing.. Not blister. Sometimes she gave me wrong info that leads me to anxiety..
But she draw for me which blister affected her body.
It is a single blister, not a whole bunch of blister on her genital.
Although last time she used to mistaken chafing as blister.. I might get a wrong info by what she says to me. And she used the cream to apply on her blister. It's gone for good. But mostly if our finger nails are dirty, can it cause by this? Like touching my house door knob, then finger her. Or maybe I touches my hair and end up put my finger in her vagina?
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Herpes can be with 1 blister up to many blisters
The sores can also be in different areas during an outbreak...meaning one sore could be on your bottom while the other sore in on the vagina, but its still part of the outbreak.  Sometimes, sores could be in one area.  It just depends...
Dirty fingernails, touching door knobs, or touching he hair won't cause blisters.  
What causes blisters in an infected individual include: stress, a trauma, etc... I'm just a stress ball as it is, so I seem to always have outbreaks.
But I think if you are this worried, go to a clinic and get tested for hsv 1 and 2 to clear your mind.  
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you are both each other's first partners. you were only having mutual masturbation which is not a risk.  

should your gf's symptoms return, she should be seen promptly for a proper exam to find out what really is going on.

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Yeah she does have a lot of stress, doing her housework/family problems/stressed with school.
Stressed up because of our relationship. We always quarrelled and she end up crying. Can it be the cause of this as well?
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But I'm still curious how do we get herpes from..
From having a lot sexual partners? It's been 3-4 weeks already, she don't have anything reoccur.
I hope it has got to do with the friction that cause her to have blister as she has a thigh that is bigger..
Because we are both clean and do not have other sexual partners..
I wanted to have a long relationship with her and we both trusted each other..
I don't want just because of this, it's going to affect our future. :(
So I just want to ask if I were to accidentally touch her anus and then finger onto her vagina with the finger that i touched on her anus earlier while she's wet. Can she have STD/HIV?
Because as far as I know having an anal sex can cause HIV.
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she's never had other partners so why do you think she has a std?

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Cause I'm scared I'm the cause of her to get her blister..
If I cut her inner vagina while fingering, can she possibly get std ?
Or I fingered her almost everyday. Is this counted as sexual active?
I'm worried. :( as far as I know if she is sexual active , she s probably get std at younger age. She's 18 though. Coming to 19 next year. Can I know what's the meaning of outbreak? Can those without std have these outbreaks too?
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you aren't thinking clearly here dear - if neither of you has a std since you've never had other partners, she won't get a std. also std's aren't transmitted from hand to genital contact though many other common infections are.

you have absolutely no reason to think that you gave your partner a std!!!
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Okay thank you once again. :)
But is the non-herpes blister on her vagina that contagious?
And will it affect in the future for intercourse?
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honey, I have no idea if what is going on is contagious since she was never seen to know what is going on!!!!
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I mean the blister that cause friction on her both thighs made her to get those.
Can I get herpes from there? Or if there's no more blister in the future it should be fine? Or the scab will still remain there? /-: I'm worried..
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Okay final question, as long as we're not having sex with each other but only mutual masturbation. Then it's std safe..?
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for the last time - std's are not an issue here since you were both virgins before each other.

really nothing else I can help you with since your gf was never seen to know what is going on.
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So there's nothing for me to worry about?
I must stop having an anxiety for no reason..
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Okay let's say what if that person I'm shaking hands with has a herpes. And I didn't know it.
But i didnt wash for 1-2 hours. Then I finger my girlfriend. Can my girlfriend get a herpes from there? or that I'm thinking too much.. One of my classmates said that he had AIDS. But didnt disclose it any further. By shaking hands with him, I can pass herpes from my finger to my girlfriend's vagina? or will the virus die outside on my finger skin?
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you absolutely will not contract herpes from shaking someone's hand!
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