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My question is 3 years ago i tested positive for herpes when i went for having Shingles.  Is having shingles make you test positive for herpes and why dont i have to take Valtrex or other medications for herpes if im positive . All i could understand at the time  was that i had the virus. The doctor said i had the type that 90%of the world  is walking around and i would go thru life probably never having an outbreak with which one is that. Can you pass it on by kissing or saliva. I need some answers please and i would really appreciate it .
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Best thing for you is to read up on herpes on the internet to give you some idea what this disease is all about then ask specific questions..
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It sounds like you have hsv1, but without knowing your exact results, no one can say with certainty.

If you do have hsv1, its not a big deal.  Either do a search here or google it and you can read up on it while you find out your exact results.

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hey i kindof have something relatedddd, uhm i did kiss someone 2 days ago. but that exact day i already had a canker sore on my lip. just because i have reaaaaaaaal dry lips. so i kissed someone that night. a couple days later i got tonselitis. (because of allergy season) and ive had really high fevers and ive been taking this white pill for my tonselitis. ever since ive been getting the high fever and taking my medicine i got 2 bumps on my toungue. it feels like a blister. (oh and the canker sore on my lip  is already gone)
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Cancer sores are not herpes or cold sores. A Cold sore is HSV-1 and appears usually outside the lip. Do a google image search and see for yourself. Wikipedia will clarify the difference between cancer sores and cold sores. Also, there is cracked mouth which are cracks in the skin in the corner of the mouth. This is not herpes either.
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Look up cheilitis, which is cracked corners of the mouth.
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How did they test you 3 years ago? Did you have a lesion culture of what was thought to be shingles or did you have blood testing done or just what?  

At this point you need to get more information before we can better help you.  You need to get the test results from then for us to see too.  

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